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  • Hello,
    After upgrade to API v4, and trying to re-enable the weather-picker I observe some problematic behavior.
    The picker sometimes displays only the vertical line and the close "x"-button, but no value-label.
    In JS-console the following warning is generated:

    interpolator: Undefined dTile     lib.js:94

    It seems to be mostly happening when having a quite wide map (~2000+ pixels in x direction) while on zoom level 3.
    Redoing the tests on other zoom levels width reduced width of map/window usually works as expected.
    Sometimes it (the value label) seems to also reappear after doing some panning, but have not been successful in identifying exactly how/why that is.
    Tested with Chrome 74.0.3729.131

    Any input on how to proceed is appreciated, thanks.

    Steps to recreate (option 1, MWE):,output

    Steps to recreate (option 2, on live windy map):

    1. Open
    2. Enable developer tools
    3. Zoom map as far out as possible (level 3)
    4. Move view to (e.g.) 0, 0 (to see the :{lat:0, lon: 0})
    1. Trigger a "picker":{lat: 0, lon: 0})

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