Three hour jumps are just too crude

  • You will observe that for major storm blobs one can follow the logic of how they travel.

    But for anything less, it is: how did cloud A jump to point B? Etc.

    Therefore we see that three hour jumps are just too wide.

    One hour jumps are needed to keep the cloud movement logic recognizable. P.S., no I am not "overly zoomed in for my own good."

    The site does a super job with the little wind arrows. Now time to fix up jerky weather blob (cloud) movement.

  • OK it seems each zoom level has a differing level of appropriate jump gaps.
    At zoom level 5 three hours is fine, and any finer grained jumps are a luxury.
    But at zoom level 8 at least one-hour granularity seems to be best -- unless it is clear desert weather all day with no changes at all.

  • Moderator

    ECMWF and NEMS models, provide data in 3hrs timesteps.
    GFS and ICON , in 1 hr.

  • @Gkikas-LGPZ I see. Hmmm, it seems that their predictions are vastly different too. So I suppose you fellows made the best choice for default. OK.

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