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    A persistent cut off interested the West Europe determinating strong storms on his ascending ramus, where the Atlantic air mass meets the Africa air mass. During next day the storms will develope under this important flow from Sud West, and they become intense where the energy available to the convection (CAPE) will be hight.

    France, Switzerland and Italy

    Strong storms will develope in France in the afternon, which they will move fast towards Italy and Switzerland. It will be possible the creation of squall line that will evolve in MCS ( Mesoscale Convection Sistem) with hailstorm and strong winds, in the areas signed as two and three. The high values of shear are able to support a supercell in particular in the north of Italy and in the eastern part of France.

    There is a possibility percentage of flash flood in Switzerland cause by MCS storm.

    Germany and Republic

    The thunderstoms in this area they will form in the late afternoon/evening and they will evolve rapidly in MCS (Mesoscale convective system) with possible giant hail and strong winds. The upper flow will come from south/southwest and move the storm towards the north.

    The cape is estimated around 3500J/Kg or little bit more.

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