Fishing Canyons OC Ocean City MD

  • I would like to annotate one view and have it persist in all views. I want to label the fishing canyons off the shore with their names and have the names viewable in all layers,


    for example I would like to label the "canyons" in the red circles.

    I tried the annotation feature, but I don't think it is doing what I want.


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    Drop a pin there and add it to your Favourites.

    • Click to drop the pin
    • Drag if necessary to the exact Lat, Long
    • Click the Yellow down arrow to show the forecast
    • Click the heart icon at top left to add to Favourites
    • Rename the Favourite

    Favourites are saved and synced across all your devices and are displayed across all views unless you specifically toggle them off.

    Also for your use of Windy it might be helpful to turn on "Show Lat, Long Grid" and "Weather Picker Contains Lat, Long".
    You will find both under Menu > Settings.

    You can also turn on Tides from the lower right menu.

    Hope this helps :)

    Favourites displayed:

    2019-06-19 08.03.59 - Windy_ Favorites - Google Chrome.jpg

    Waves Displayed:

    2019-06-19 08.06.53 - Windy_ CANYON_ Wildwood weather forecast - Google Chrome.jpg

    Tides and Currents displayed:

    Showing strength and direction of current at Wildwood Canyon, as well as the Brandywine Shoal Light tide station.
    The Gulf Stream is visible at the bottom right.

    You can switch these views to any other layer to see the forecasted conditions for that location.

    2019-06-19 09.34.05 - Windy_ Currents - Google Chrome.jpg

    Only forecast data is available because there are no fixed reporting stations in this location.

    However by clicking Reported Wind at the bottom right there may be reports from passing ships with current conditions.

    Hover over the ship to see a small pop up with data.
    Click the ship to see all data and compare the (ship's) actual reported data to the forecast.

    2019-06-19 09.53.11 - Windy_ 44009 44009 (weather station) - Google Chrome.jpg

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    ^^^ Updated with screenshots

  • Moderator

    Added a couple of more screenshots and explanations.

    And through one users situation reminded myself, visually, how useful Windy can be :)

  • @jmh2002 This is fantastic! I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much!

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    You are welcome :)

  • I tried it and this is perfect. However, for the life of me, I cannot figure out to rename the favorite from from lat/long name to something of my choosing.

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    @antinucci Just click where the name is and you will be able to edit it.

  • When I click where name is, it puts the lat/long in the search field on the upper left and that is all. There is no dialog box or anything to change the name.

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    @antinucci After you save the Favourite open the left side menu to show all of your Favourites (see my screenshot above) and then click on the name and you will be able to rename it.

    Also, Favourites are saved alphabetically so you if you have a lot you can group them by adding a prefix to the names (eg: General fishing area name: Actual fishing spot name)

  • @jmh2002 that works! Thanks. BTW, I am about to post another question on another topic about setting colors for temperature scales tailored for fishing...

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    @antinucci I was also thinking that a nice extra for you might be to create an Alert so that you get an advance email notification when good fishing/boating conditions are forecast to occur over the next week or so at your various locations?

    To do this, open your Favourites, click Create Alert, and then set the criteria such as Wind, Waves, and Temperature, etc, and the Duration settings too of course (unfortunately there is no moon phase in Windy, yet).

    Hope this helps :)

  • @jmh2002, thanks much! I will give it a shot.

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