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    First of all.. this is great app! Thank you!

    There's a little bug.. when I lunch app from a widget it starts from a wind screen but as I read play market feedbacks most people (me too) like to open app at another screen (rain for example). If you planned app remember users choice then you should know that app doesn't do it.
    And one more bug..
    Russia, Kemerovo.. we have many cams but in app only one. There's an app that have most of cams in Kemerovo. I hope you can take cams from there.

    If you'll make donate price a little smaller then you'll have more money because I think that most people would love to donate but $5 is too much for them..

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    Windy will always start with the wind overlay.. And this will not changed.

    Because they are Windy.. Not rainy or radary 😏

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    @TomSlavkovsky please discuss and consider this feature with the Windy team.

    The ability to set the preferred start up layer and view is probably the most requested feature here.

    I can easily understand that with one click users want to open Windy and have it immediately show their Favourite location, layer, and view.

    Always starting at Wind may have been appropriate when Windy was first developed, however now that Windy has many, many, more features, and many, many, more users, all with different ways of using Windy (sometimes none of which will be about wind at all), it seems that some discussion of this request would be fair and reasonable.

    Please consider it, thank you :)

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  • I want to an Option to change the starting screen. Please add it soon. I love this app. And I don't want to see the prognosis for the week, when I open the app. Only the screen I choose.

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