Colors for temperature scales tailored for offshore fishing...

  • I am really struggling with the "Settings->Customize color scale" to work correctly.

    All I need is a Temp scale from 60 to 75 as anything outside that range is at this time is not needed. When you offshore fish, you are looking for quick temperature changes aka "breaks"... also the direction it is flowing is also important.

    I would love to have different "Temp profiles" because it is also nice to have different color scales for Sea Surface Temp and Air Temp.

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    @antinucci There are some users here that have done extensive modifications of the colour scales and they are more expertly knowledgeable on this subject so I hope they will notice this thread and make some suggestions.

    Otherwise tomorrow I will find the threads and post them here.

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    If I understand correctly your need, you want a color setting for temperature scale more or less like that:


    I have used a grey below 60°F and above 75°F. Colors may need some more adjustments.

    There is no possibility to get a different scale for air temperature and for sea temperature. Windy uses unfortunately the same color scale for both.

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    Thank you! @idefix37 :)

    I think this is what @antinucci wants, maybe with some small tweaks.

    Regarding Windy using the same colour template / scale for both sea temperature and air temperature, it seems like this should be added to the feature requests?

    Do you know if separate temperature scales have already been requested?

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    There are not so many, at least this one:

    It should be nice to have a separate setting for sea temperature as the variations of sea temperature are much smaller compared to the air temperature variations. When zooming with the current setting there is almost no colour gradient on sea surface temperature layer.

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    Ok thanks @idefix37 I have added a new thread for this subject to the Feedback and Suggestions here:

  • @idefix37 OMG that is EXACTLY what I want. Perfect. How do I get this? As the seasons change, I would like to change it, but this will work for this part of the season.

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    To apply these settings you must:

    Go to Settings
    Choose Customize color scale
    Select overlay: Temperature
    At bottom of page find the line Import/export
    Click on [view code] to open a window pop up
    Delete the text code in this window
    Select and copy all lines of code here below and paste them in the window
    Press [Import]
    Press Save


    If you want to come back to Windy settings, just click on Load default

    Next season, if you want to change the temperature range, you can change temperature steps by adding or subtracting 3°F or 5°F to each level in the color table and Save.
    Or you can modify the code itself. On each line, the first figure is the temperature, not in °F but in °Kelvin. So it needs a small calculation...

  • @idefix37 Perfection! It worked perfectly. Thank you for explaining thing so well. Now that I know the left Kelvin I can tweak this for seasonal changes. Thanks so much!

  • I just created some ruby code to to autogenerate that with a programmable start and finish for over a 10 degree range. I wish this was included in Windy,... couple dialog boxes and a generate button... but this works for now!

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    Fine, you got it ! I’ve just seen your sea temperature animation. Excellent !
    It is easy to change color settings on Windy, but looking to the map, the color/temperature scale in low-right corner shows always the same range -5°F to 100°F, so it’s useless in your case.

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