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    I've got Windy.com radar embedded on my BaxleyWeather.com, how can I get the radar to autoplay when it's loaded? I don't see any option on embedded widget creation page, and I've tried adding an "autoplay=1" and "autoPlay=1" to the url with no success.

  • @lightmastertech Why was there never a reply on this question?

  • I am struggling to find a solution for this as well. I was hoping a simple URL parameter would do the trick, but I haven't found one yet. I've tried the same ones you have, as well as things like "playPause", "animation", "play", "loop", "start", etc. And I've tried values of "1", "on", "true" for all of those. I guess it's just not supported.

    I did see somewhere else that someone was able to send a javascript command to click the "playpause" button after loading. But I'm using iframe within my Home Assistant server and don't have the ability to pass javascript. :(

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