• Hi Windy fans and Aviators

    I have been (very slowly) working on this for a while. It might be somewhat superfluous, since @marekd is creating something similar.

    There are still kinks to be ironed out, but usable:

    • Go to and enter windy-plugin-fp. Once loaded, right click/long press on the map for context menu. Then click Flight planner.
    • The plugin is meant for recreational VFR flight planning.
    • Use the weather picker to plot a route.
    • You can also upload a route. (Upload formats: .gpx, .ep1, .efp. Download: .gpx.)
    • Airports (found in the Windy Airports layer) can be used to add a waypoint.
    • Sliding the aircraft icon along the route will set the Windy map to the appropriate time and altitude.
    • Altitude, speed, time and date can be set for selected legs.
    • Long press on a row in the flight plan to select single leg.
    • Click the "Read Wx" button to fly along the flight plan and read the weather data. Do not move the map during this period, may take a minute or more.
    • Ground speed and corrected ETE are then calculated.
    • "Allow Drag" button allows dragging the waypoints. "Lock Drag" again to prevent dragging accidentally.
    • In the Settings menu: Alert values for different overlays can be set. The alert sections will then be marked with red along the route after "Read Wx" has run.
    • Airspace data from has been translated to geojson and can be loaded in the Airspace menu. Do not load too many countries.

    hope it is of value....

    Latest version: windy-plugin-fp@0.1.8 : Added @marekd 's route planner .

  • Administrator

    @rittels This is great

  • Thank you @ivo

  • this is an amazing tool, @rittels !

    i have no idea about aviation. but with a few changes this also has a big potential for the sailing/boating community as well.

    first and most importantly for a nautical use let us choose a slower traveling speed (seems at the moment I can only choose 20kn or higher). I think half knots steps from 1 to 10kn would be a good start. :-)

    then for a "sailor version" get rid of all the altitude settings to clean up the UI and take ground level as basic setting. also then change a few terms and abbreviations here and there to use proper nautical language. easy peasy, right? ;-)

    again, awesome tool to play around with. thanks.

  • @justinlimbo

    I have made the start speed 0 and the initial increments 0.5. (fp@0.1.3)

    I have also considered this, however, calculating true speed from windspeed and direction in a sailboat is daunting. Hull speed plays a role and each model seems to have a different polar diagram. There is no easily applicable formula. Perhaps you can advise??

  • I have added @marekd 's route planner to my plugin.

    Will comment on it and also commit it to github soon.

  • This is really cool but is it possible that the plugin is broken? I tried in Chrome and Safari (on Mac) and I don't see each waypoint adding up on the left of the map. So I can't select individual altitudes and speeds, as I see in the Windy news post that announced the plugins.

  • @louismg will fix soon. Working on update.

    Will publish new version tonight.

  • @louismg give it a go. Work in progress

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