• this is an amazing tool, @rittels !

    i have no idea about aviation. but with a few changes this also has a big potential for the sailing/boating community as well.

    first and most importantly for a nautical use let us choose a slower traveling speed (seems at the moment I can only choose 20kn or higher). I think half knots steps from 1 to 10kn would be a good start. :-)

    then for a "sailor version" get rid of all the altitude settings to clean up the UI and take ground level as basic setting. also then change a few terms and abbreviations here and there to use proper nautical language. easy peasy, right? ;-)

    again, awesome tool to play around with. thanks.

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    I have made the start speed 0 and the initial increments 0.5. (fp@0.1.3)

    I have also considered this, however, calculating true speed from windspeed and direction in a sailboat is daunting. Hull speed plays a role and each model seems to have a different polar diagram. There is no easily applicable formula. Perhaps you can advise??

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    I have added @marekd 's route planner to my plugin.

    Will comment on it and also commit it to github soon.

  • This is really cool but is it possible that the plugin is broken? I tried in Chrome and Safari (on Mac) and I don't see each waypoint adding up on the left of the map. So I can't select individual altitudes and speeds, as I see in the Windy news post that announced the plugins.

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    @louismg will fix soon. Working on update.

    Will publish new version tonight.

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    @louismg give it a go. Work in progress

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    New version: 0.3.3

    Many improvements:

    • Input ranges are marked.
    • You can choose between AGL or above MSL. (todo FL/QNE altitude).
    • Improved interaction with the airport plugin: Clicking an airport, will display the ICAO name in the Picker. You can then either add the airport to the flightplan, or click on the airport name to open the left pane with the airport info.
    • Smoother interaction with the route planner.
    • You can toggle between zulu or local time. The local time with offset is displayed in the flight plan. Daylight saving time correction is also done.
    • In the settings menu: You can select to display the timezone name in the info marker, and the timezone polygon will be highlighted, this is off by default.
    • Let me know what you think and report bugs here.

  • Hi @rittels

    This is a fantastic tool. Thanks for your excellent work.

    I am now using this to optimise FAI triangles for maximum length using Winds aloft predictions ... my longest foot launched PPG FAI triangle is 313 km.

    Can I suggest you output the GPX file as a GPX ROUTE rather than a GPX TRACK or allow the user to select this as an option. A GPX ROUTE can be imported into most flight instruments to be used during the flight ... I use LK8000. GPX files can encode 3 types of data...

    • wptType are individual WAYPOINTS
    • rteType are a ordered set of waypoints (lat and long) generally used to represent a planned ROUTE
    • trkType are a ordered set of waypoints (lat, long and time) generally used to represent an achieved TRACK

    The only changes need to convert a GPX TRACK to a GPX ROUTE are:

    • replace "trkpt" by "rtept"
    • replace "trk" by "rte"
    • remove
    • remove

    Link to GPX TRACK exported by FLIGHT PLANNER

    Link to file that has been converted to a GPX ROUTE using the above translations

    I would be VERY HAPPY to provide you with detailed feedback on any of your developments.

    Once again, thanks for your excellent work.
    Peter Evans

  • Umm Cool

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    Thanks for the feedback. You're welcome to make suggestions.

    I am busy trying to coordinate interaction between the plugins.

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