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    Thanks for the feedback. You're welcome to make suggestions.

    I am busy trying to coordinate interaction between the plugins.

  • Sailor Moderator

    I have done a small test with your flight planner... for a boat trip. I’m not an aviation specialist :)
    I have tried it on iPad mini 4 using Chrome.
    It works but I have noted some remarks and issues:

    • When scrolling the time/distance slider, the wind map does not change and is frozen.
    • The small pop-up window (a) is not so useful at sea. After closing it, it appears again each time the time/distance slider is moved. It would be better to have this window closed or simplified when Boat is selected.


    • The keyboard hides the route planner. So it’s difficult to change some parameters.


    • Changing from landscape mode to portrait mode and vice versa, Boat is automatically switched to IFR.

    I’ll continue to test it.

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    Thanks for testing it.

    Scrolling the route planner will have no effect on the map. You have to drag the vertical slider line, the map is then supposed to correlate.

    Yes. I agree. I have been planning on either detaching the info window or have an option to hide it.

    Keyboard: My idea is that no editing is done with the route planner open. You set the route and departure time and speed with the plugin, and then open the route planner, which is then superimposed on your route. (Actually you should not really need the keyboard at all). I don't know why the keyboard obscures the route planner.

    Changing to IFR on resize: Should be fixed now.

    (I must admit that I have not tested it for boat at all yet. I have been thinking of making a planner for sailing, one day maybe.)

    As Marek said, mobile is very tricky. I am just playing with it, for fun and as a challenge, and really jumping the gun.

  • Sailor Moderator

    @rittels said in How to use a route planner:

    You have to drag the vertical slider line,

    What line do you mean? I don’t see a vertical slider line. My first screenshot does not show any vertical line or I miss something.

    The use of keyboard is just needed to change the speed in route planner. I see in plugin that it’s possible to set an airspeed but not below 10 kt, which quite fast for a normal sail boat. If I set 7 kt in route planner (it is possible even with the keyboard overlapping), the ground speed in flight plan and in the window does not update. However the duration of travel is correct with 7 kt.

    On tablet with Chrome it’s quite easy to use it. I’ve tried too on smartphone, but it does not works.

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    This line: Untitled.png

  • Sailor Moderator

    OK it’s what I was calling the time&distance slider. But it does not make the map changing?
    EDIT: right now it works. The map changes when moving this slider.

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    Yes, I see. The info box uses the speed set in the plugin, and also uses this speed to calculate the timestamp. Unfortunately the lowest speed is 10 kt.

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    I have added an option under Settings to select slow speed for the slider.

  • Sailor Moderator

    OK I have got it, by now I am not able to open the route planner. It seems to be blocked.

  • Sailor Moderator

    OK sorry I did not do in the right way, I must create the route first !

  • Hello I have a bug today (yesterday October 8 was fine)
    on 2 differents computers, same error:

    Message that appear :

    Elevation did not load:
    TypeError: Failed to fetch

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