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  • Love the app, firstly!

    Sometimes I find it a little hard to determine the wind speed by only using the colours from the legend at the bottom. Some of the blues look a little similar yet they are at opposite ends of the scale!

    It would be great to be able to show wind speed values on the map as well, failing that adjusting the colour spectrum at the bottom would be very helpful

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    Using the 'Picker' (click anywhere on the screen) the Forecast Wind Speed and Direction will be displayed.

    The Picker can be dragged anywhere on the screen.

    If you turn on Reported Wind (at the bottom right) the Reported Wind Speed and Direction will be displayed from every reporting station.

    Hovering over these Stations will show a pop up with more details.

    Particle Animation can also be turned to show animated wind arrows.

    Additionally, the colour scale can be customised from the settings if you prefer different colours.

    Hope this helps :)

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    On Windy, you can customize the color palette for wind and gusts and use, for example, these modified colors:


    This customized color scale offers many advantages:

    • No similar colors for different wind speeds.

    • Light winds are displayed by light colors while strong winds are shown by denser, darker colors for a perception much more intuitive. However from 64 kt (120 km/h or 12 Bf or Hurricane force), rather than being darker, colors become very bright « like LED lights ».

    • Up to 64 kt, colors match the Beaufort scale.

    • Beyond 64 kt, colors are chosen according to degrees used by NHC (Cat.1, Cat.2...).

    • Each wind range is represented by a uniform color without shading or smoothing, with only a small mixing transition


    How to apply these colour settings ?

    Go to Settings
    Scroll down and choose Customize color cale
    Select overlay: Wind
    At bottom of page find the line Import/export
    Click on [view code] to open a window pop up
    Delete the text code in this window
    Select and copy all lines of code here below and paste them in the window
    Press [Import Gradient]
    Press Save


    Note that you must be logged in to apply these settings in your Windy cloud. These new settings will be applied on all your devices.
    Then you can use the wind speed units that you like bft


    Try to use these new colors during at least one week. If you like them, keep them. If you don’t like, you can come back to the default Windy settings by pressing Load default

  • User beware that the "reported wind" arrows are seemingly opposite the animated background little moving wind arrows,
    until one thinks of the former as wind blowing a wind vane, upon which, all makes sense!

    MODERATOR EDIT: Incorrect information stated above, please see the following post

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    @jidanni said in Wind speed values on map:

    User beware that the "reported wind" arrows are seemingly opposite the animated background little moving wind arrows,
    until one thinks of the former as wind blowing a wind vane, upon which, all makes sense!

    @jidanni The information that you have stated is incorrect.

    The standard method to display Wind Direction is to show 'where the wind is blowing / moving to'

    So for a South Wind, the Reported Wind Arrows will be pointing North, and the Particle Animation Arrows will be moving North too.

    Please see the screen shots to follow.

    But, there are some important points to remember:

    • The Reported Wind Arrows display the Actual Wind now

    • The Particle Animation Arrows display the Forecast Wind

    • The Reported Wind can be wrong

    • The Forecast Wind can be wrong

    Also, if you move the Timeline slider you will have totally different information displayed, so you will see:

    • The Reported Wind now
    • The Animated Wind for the day that you moved the timeline to

    And in that situation ^^^ it is easily possible to see very different or even opposite data displayed, because you could be viewing the reported wind Now, and the forecast wind for Next Week...

    It is also possible to do the following:

    • Click the screen to show the Picker, and drag to any location (Forecast data displayed)
    • Hover over the Reporting Station, to see more information (Actual data displayed)

    Hope this helps

    2019-07-02 06.59.43 - Windy_ Wind map & weather forecast - Google Chrome.jpg

    2019-07-02 07.21.08 - Photos.jpg

    2019-07-02 07.04.29 - Windy_ Wind map & weather forecast - Google Chrome.jpg

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    Updated with screenshots.

  • @jmh2002 I see. It must have just been a coincidence the acute tip of the two kinds of arrows was directly opposite for me that day.

    So no matter if it is a thin arrow, or a broad wedge arrow, the pointy (acute) tip means the same. Thanks.

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