• I can find a bit of climate data, but when someone says the weather night before last caused their mulberry tree to go down, or I am interested in how low the temperature was two nights ago, I am out of luck. Unless I have missed it, nobody offers recent history data. So, my call to action is to ask you to offer that. Just a week in the past would be a nice start. Perhaps a summary for a quarter back (which comes up fairly often) would be a second step if you find people actually consult the recent history data often enough to make it worth the digital real estate. Thanks for considering!

  • +1 - I use for this another website which provides history for all presented data,,, I would like to see this in Windy!

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    @rlink57 did you find the answer to your request?

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    @Jomaba Hi, Windy does not provide archive data, so we are not able to help you. If the time range is within a few days, you can use our weather station overlay, since stations records measured data for a several days.

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