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    Windy is proud to announce that we have just launched new layer Extreme forecast.

    desc:How to activate extreme forecast

    Extreme forecast displays unusually low or high temperature, wind or precipitation, forecasted 7 days ahead. All this is based on heavy duty statistical science, using 20 years climatological data.

    So whether you work in agriculture, seek a strong wind for your kiteboarding session or want to avoid extreme temperatures during your holiday, our new extreme forecast will help you.

    But not only that. We believe, that 7 days ahead extreme forecast can help emergency services and governments all over the World save lives. And that is one of our main goals here in Windy.

    Extreme forecast has values from -100% to 100%. While 50% to 80% (irrespective of sign) generally signify an unusual event, above ±80% means extreme event.

    Our Extreme Weather layer is based on ECMWF EFI and we can just say: "You guys (and girls) at Reading, UK do excellent job!"

    Here at Windy Extreme Forecast was implemented by Jakub on backend and me personally on frontend.

    So enjoy our new Extreme forecast and stay safe

  • @ivo It is absolutely my favorite weather app! So much informations I don't get anywhere else! Great compliments for your engagement and your good work! So it was a must for me to spend some money! Go ahead, I love your work!

  • @ivo Any weather warning notifications?

  • Great addition! I was looking for such a layer!

  • Great addition. Many thanks to the Windy team for constant improvements.

  • @ivo You guys are great! Exceptional work in always updating! This is a needed update for sure! Thank you!

  • Vital in forcasting of Major Hurricanes a d Steering Currents.

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