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    Great article! Thank you for summing up all these thoughts.

  • Great article, but I feel like it is basicly impossible to do 0 CO2 emissions in 2050.

    I mean even if we would replace all cars with electric and used only 100% renowable energy to charge them (which this task alone seems quite impossible). There are still airplanes, huge cargo ships, heavy industry etc. where zero emissions alternatives are not even in sight yet...

    It seems like we are not going to have good enough 0 emissions energy source to power planes or cargo ships in 100+ years...
    Nuclear seems to be one of the ways to go, but there are obvious major risks with it.
    Batteries to store electric energy have huge limits based on bacis physics. I just can not imagine airliner or cargo ship powered by batteries by 2050. We already have this technology 100+ years but it really did not improve too much during all those years.

    I feel like the most impact could be done by stopping population explosion in developing countries and stopping destruction of tropical forrest etc., which are countering CO2 a lot.

  • I am afraid that we cannot expect that majority of people will voluntarily change their mind. Heavy taxation will do the job, but if everything will be more expensive - energy, travelling, food, transportation etc... that does not sound like paradise for 'average Joe' (=person who does not care about long-term outcomes...).

    Who will vote policymaker which will promise that everything will be more expensive ? :(

    What do you think about hot-house earth scenarios ?

  • @ivo heat increase carbonization, not carbonization increase heat. IPCC is simple mob organization.

  • 0 emisiones el 2050...
    No obstante la ruta está marcada.
    Gracias Ivo.

  • @spazik The solution is not the technology, much more important is the behaviour - changing the way of life, our daily routines. Technology can greatly help.
    But we have to have goal to page the way to achieve that. We will be lost in our way without as goal.

  • all this is a fantazy

  • This is the Story of LIFE
    Make its voice loud to be heard by All.

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    This is very well composed and positive article. Thank you @ivo! We should definitely give this article more publicity.
    I would say: People should quickly learn to "think globally". And then "cooperate globally". World is shared, world is finite and we already reached its limit.

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    @TZ dekuji nacelniku ze ses mne zastal :-)

  • Great article, very positive and hopefully inspiring many, many people to REALLY follow decarbonization as a daily task. We will not need 30 Years, if TODAY, we ALL consider OURSELVES as responsible INSTANTLY and REALLY act accordingly. I guess we could reduce by 90% all our carbon-stimullatig activities, if we simply see that everyone does it. Articles as this do help to create that finaly convincement human being always needs to change. Thank you to the Author.

  • @silwallace yes it is; you know it and I know it, and a few others as well, but the majority of us will believe anything that the media beats into our brains


    100 super container ships produce as much pollution as all the cars in the world

    Approximately every 100,000 years, Earth's orbital path changes from being nearly circular to elliptical.

    I don't know the answers. There is a lot of wrong data out there. Wrong theories and wrong ideas.

  • Perfectly stated article, hopefully not too late. No further discussion. Its all here for everyone to see. Lets just do it, get on with it, and save this planet for our Children and their children. Its big corporate interests that has held us back, killed any innovation of the past. So lets just get it done. Every one of us needs to make a difference to climate change and plastic pollution. Save our animal species from extinction. Lets do it. Bruce South Africa 🇿🇦

  • The truth is we are about to enter a cold phase on the planet. Secondly, if you are going to be political rather than scientific I will find a different site. You can not spout 'true is statements' when you ignore science. Stick to supplying data not opinions.

  • Ummm... who are you and where do your get your information?

  • @weathernot The article is full of links to the sources, btw

  • @silwallace yes but they wrote few words more and fools take it as profesional

  • Great post Mr. @ivo Lukacovic. Very inspiring and thought provoking. Among the practicalities like kick-biking to work (which is very noble), you should also address how you offset carbon footprint from flying. Otherwise you would sound like a hypocrite. I mean my comment in a good way.

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