Apocalypse-like storm in Guadalajara. The heaviest hailstorm ever seen in Mexico in pictures

  • The scenes residents of Mexican city of Guadalajara have seen on Sunday looked much like scenes from a post-apocalyptic movie. Heavy hailstorm has buried this major city in Mexico under 1.5m of ice.

    Guadalajara has been hit by hailstorms before, but this one was quite special.

    In the days before the storm, the city had been experiencing hot weather, with temperatures of about 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit).

    Then the heaviest hailstorm ever seen in the history of Mexico hit very quickly, between 01:50 and 02:10 local time, when the air temperature dropped suddenly from 22°C to 14°C.

    As a result, six suburbs in the Mexican city were carpeted in a thick layer of ice after a heavy hailstorm.

    Guadalajara hailstorm

    Cars were half-submerged in ice after the hailstorm and there were at about 50 cars swept away by the ice in hilly areas.

    Guadalajara hailstorm, photo by @EnriqueAlfaroR

    Mexican service members and Civil Protection personnel were dispatched from dawn to clear away the ice.

    Guadalajara hailstorm, photo by @EnriqueAlfaroR

    Local officials also reported flooding and fallen trees, fortunately no one seems to have been hurt.

    Guadalajara hailstorm, photo by @EnriqueAlfaroR

    Images by @EnriqueAlfaroR


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