Android weather stations data

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    It seems to be working for me, or do I not understand correctly? If yes, please give more info.


    2019-07-03 15.00.17 - Windy_ WADD Ngurah Rai (Bali) International Airport (weather station) - Google Chrome.jpg

  • @jmh2002
    07:00 UTC is not 18 min ago !


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    @Gkikas-LGPZ said in Android weather stations data:

    07:00 UTC is not 18 min ago !

    Yes, but maybe we are discussing two separate bugs here?

    I see the time error in your screenshot but mine seem to be up to date, and the original poster in fact showed an "Error loading or rendering station data" message which is I why I stated that 'it seems to be working for me'.

    You are testing an airport in Czech and he is testing a location in Indonesia, and I tested his same weather station in my screenshots.

    Are the two problems are related? Or am I confused?

  • Thanks for a quick reply.
    Now your web site has the same problems (it had those troubles for a week already...).
    When I click on a weather station - it doesn't show any data.
    Sometime it would show it - but I'm not sure how accurate this would be.
    The green circle on a map with current wind speed is also outdated.
    There's really something wrong with this both on web and on

  • Ha, that's funny. I'm using local mobile internet in Bali, Indonesia. And I'm having this problems (it was working fine though a week ago!). Could it be something on your end?
    If I would switch to VPN - the weather station reports seems to be working fine then!
    But then the numbers don't add up. Why is there 16 knots on a map - and 10 knots in detailed report?2019-07-03_23-21-59.jpg

  • you can even see it on your own screenshot that numbers don't add up:

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    You are right. There are many weather stations where these 2 figures are inconsistent both on website and on app.

    Another issue with this example below. When clicking on this ship (call sign EUCFR11) which shows 30kt, the location of the station moves 165 NM away !


    SailWX tracker shows the bubble position 10h ago.


    So the reported 30kt were probably recorded 10 hours ago same as the ship position.

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    @TomSlavkovsky please check and reply :)

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    Same issue this morning.
    Some « Reported wind bubbles » are not updated for wind speed (and position if there are ships).
    For example EUCFR11 is still stuck off Brittany tip with 30kt, but it is now in reality near Rotterdam.
    Same for OWCH2 which is off NW Spain


    The problem is the same for « Reported temperature bubbles »
    It’s not an issue in connection with Android. I use iOS.

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    @netcyberg Hi could you verify it one more time? There was a bug on our server based in Asia. Sorry about that.

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