Windy launches Satellite layer

  • Thank you all! This is the BEST!

    From Papua New Guinea.

  • Well Done

  • @ivo its very good. I liked to use this new layer. here on my computer and my iPhone its run perfect! I apreciate windy app I use every and I liked these "windy red hats" too. tks windy team!

  • Very nice. Keep up the Good work.

  • Very nice and valuable feature. Only complaint is that it is extremely slow to load on my PC. The speed on my phone app is just tolerable.

  • @ivo I used it to help forecast the Pan-Am gliding competition in Canada and its working very well, thanks

  • I would like to be a part of your team, great work :)


  • Administrator

    @Jirka80 I sent you a message in chat.

  • I love it!

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Guys, the product description needs much more details. Your work is tricky, Say that the info comes from EUMETSAT it is not enough (you are using the logo of EUMETSAT without rules.) The acquisition rate of typical MSG is of 15-min and you are showing with a time step of 1min? Please identity the satellites (names,/version), channels, specify how do you transform 15-min in 1min. Are you correcting the satellite pics for the zenith angle? The ways how do you show the things is only cosmetic for visualization purposes and do not involves any type of calculation, please be correct with the science community!

  • @iv I really do like the satellite layer- I love to watch the sun sets on the thunderheads -such a grand idea - windy is great weather -thanks for what you do -HTabor Chillicothe , Tx

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  • Perfect layer

  • Thanks for windy team

  • Administrator

    @rui25p Hi, this is the first version of the visualization and we are going to improve it. Logo of Eumetsat is according to our contract with our NMI / Eumetsat. Frequency of the images is different for each satellite, so we always show the latest frame depending on the time you choose on timeline. I admit that there is no information about the specific images acquisition timestamps. This could be improved. We are combining images from six satellites (Meteosat-8,10,11, Goes-16,17 and Himawari-8). In Europe we are showing images from Meteosat-10 with 5 minute frequency. Corrections: we are reprojecting images to Webmercator projection, but nothing more. We are also playing with correction to sun direction, but only the diffuse light so far. We are not able to handle specular reflections or scattered light from the sun near the horizont.

  • The new satellite and radar function is Great!
    I would only suggest to add an option to have an UTC satellite image time,
    as absolute time instead of a relative one like 3 min ago.
    Really many thanks!

  • @gigi you're right. UTC satellite image time is very important. Mainly if you're using for serious application.

  • & the app continues to get better and better. Thanks for all the hard work from everyone on the Windy team!

  • UPDATE: we have significantly decreased the time for between the image acquisition and appearing on Windy for GOES 16 & 17 (USA). The waiting time for the newest image was around 40 minutes; now it is only 10. The time shown on Windy is a time when the image acquisition started. The image acquisition takes approximately ten minutes, and the processing and sync between servers are another 15 minutes. Additionally, newly the GOES satellites have 10 minutes steps.

    For those who want to know how the satellite image is done, this is a great video:

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