Windy launches Satellite layer

  • I love it.

    The moar data the better! Thanks, Windy! Best “weather” app ever!

  • This is amazing! Thank you! I just learned about in August from a visitor to Alaska from Oregon. Thanks to we were able to organize our adventures according to where the forest fire smoke was minimal to none using the Air Quality PM setting. When we took a water taxi to an island out of Seward, AK the business owner commented on how lucky we were to get a smoke-free day. I told him it wasn't luck and wrote down for him.

  • @ivo & the Windy team....... Thank you :-):-) All... The best !

  • Hi Windy Team,

    Love the new satellite, but only issue would be the K Index and if this could be switched by clicking the legend to Celsius to Fahrenheit to Kelvin etc. This would then make it easier for those around the world to understand what the cloud tops are in there region metric units rather then International Standard Only.

    Apart from that loving the satellite and update.

  • @TZ I have a suggestion. Consider switching the satellite provider to the GOES -16 AND GOES-17 satellites instead of the current European one. Those satellites can distinguish between snow and clouds. You would also still have the ability to see clouds in IR at night, plus IR +. Also, 5-minute time steps are available with the GOES satellites.

  • @hidp123 Windy already has the ability to see the clouds at night. That's what the blue clouds are at night. It's simply the satellite's interpretation of what clouds would look like at night if they could be seen from space by astronauts, which they cannot, but with all these microwave sensors and doodads onboard, now we CAN see clouds at night. Also, just go to IR and IR +. Only thing is IR + will not update as often as visible and IR.

  • @weatherfan also would consider Himiawari-8 for the Australian region with 10-minute time stamps.

  • @ivo said in Windy launches Satellite layer:

    Weather radar covers just a fraction of the World. But what is happening outside radar range can play sometimes a crucial role for human safety.

    That is why we have decided to add worldwide Satellite layer to Windy.

    Huge satellite dish, expensive equipment and a half year of development. Our last addition was not simple at all, but we have worked hard.

    So far we have a few issues with Satellite layer and we are working hard to fix them.

    desc: New icon directly on the launch screen of the mobile device is a great shortcut to access Radar and Satellite layers

    Nice bonus can be easy to use the animate tool at, that will create a shareable video for your news server or a social account (works only on a desktop computer). Use the video as you wish, just do not forget to add a clickable link to

    A lot of people worked on this big feature: I, personally, have bootstrapped CSS classes, Milan, our webGL guru created front end player. But most of the work (approx 80%) was done on the backend. Importing, transformations, delivery. Tomas, Martin, Jakub a Jindra did the job.

    Enjoy satellite and stay safe.

    desc: Windy team in front of our EUMETSAT dish;photo: Windy

  • Excellent and Helpfull

  • @Daniel-Hayward Both this European and that Japanese one have the 10-minute time steps. I think that Japanese one, like our GOES, has a Global Lightning Mapper, too.

  • Bloody Amazing.. I watched a rain shower approach my apartment in real time and accurately replicated what I saw from my balcony...I am assuming the infrared+ represents cloud thickness = rain intensity?

    Danang Vietnam...

    PS shared your link to this new capability to my local FB expat community.. we are heading into Typhoon season

  • Sailor

    INFRA + represents the altitude of top of clouds. That’s useful information about convective storm especially in tropical region. Pls find further information by this link:

  • Great layer. Keep it up. If I were a rich man, I would support you financially in a big way but I am supporting you the best I can.

  • Best overall free meteorological info site on the web. period.

  • !Thank Perfekt

  • @ivo super!!!

  • Fantastic addition to an already awesome service. Windy has pretty much taken over the home screen of my computer. Great insight to worldwide weather patterns and great value to marine interests.. Thank you and best wishes for continued success!

  • It's amazing I love it! Thanks so much!

  • Are you kidding!?? this is awesome! i think this is the best layer, i love the actual view of morning and evening, it has beautiful sunset and sunrise view which really like because it just looks so real. thank you for this and its very easy to browse with computer and smartphone. Thank you so much!

  • hi,
    good one
    if you go further and give picture in n dimensionsl picture and it help me to understand better

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