Windy launches Satellite layer

  • Great work on the new satellite layer Windy team - it looks great! @ivo
    Awesome to see brightness temperatures included on the weather picker.

    I've noticed that brightness temperatures are only included for below 240K though. Could you please include the full range of brightness temps (above 240K) this will allow cloud top heights of lower cloud to be deduced.

    Many thanks and continue the great work!

  • Hi Windy Team!,

    thank you for an awesome product. Just keeps getting better. As you said... Radar is not everywhere but Satellite is.

    One of the EUMETSAT products I often use is the MPE layer. Through its majic, the layer almost asks as a radar.

    The other cool thing would be to be able to add lightning to Satellite (MPE) and then validate a storm cell.

    The other layer I like is the dust layer. Helps to see sand storms.




  • Don't see any coverage for Far North of Canada. Arctic air masses v. influential on weather in lower latitudes. Any way you can superimpose Jet Stream on Satellite view? Perhaps this is already possible; I am a neophyte user. You'd be surprised at how many northern Canadian pilots use your website for weather.

    Keep at it. Great site.

  • Sailor

    Unfortunately it is not possible to mix 2 layers on Windy by superimposing them. That would be very useful but not easy.

  • Une amélioration visuelle très discrète.

  • I is good but not as clear as the former depiction. Maybe designers can consider slide bars to let users choose hue, intensity and transparency corresponding to the range of cloud temperatures. Or perhaps a few selections to choose from. The IR+ is a great tool to indicate what nearby convective weather is doing so very well done indeed or making this tool available in near real time.

  • Just right! At first I was a bit skeptical about the new IR+ color scale, but the new color scale actually shows more details.

  • Hello sir

  • So far love what I have seen. Would be ideal if you could allow to incorporate two layers: the satellite view with the "Rain/Thunder" layer.

  • New layer looks like animated one, but also its easy to load. overall liked it 50%

  • Πολύ καλή δουλειά συνεχίστε απτόητοι

  • High resolution IR image, very helpfull. Impressive!

  • Moderator

    Ευχαριστούμε για τα καλά σας λόγια.
    Κρατήστε ζωντανά τα ακριτικά νησιά μας.

  • It is looking good! The difference between land and sea should be enhanced though.
    What is the meaning of the number "320" below all the names in the SE Asia map?

  • Great work with the color scale and the mouse picker!
    Is it possible to still get the color data with the picker even if picking regions with higher temperatures? (e.g., over land or low clouds)

  • This beats the local Bureau of Meteorology hands down

  • Astonishing! I am sitting here looking at the satellite's virtually LIVE view of the planet & out the window at the 'real' world of the Aleutian Islands and It's super interesting to see how the two 'realities' mesh. I should not be amazed but honestly > Windy folks!!! >> You have achieved that rarefied level of 'really awesome'.

    The Sun is shining thru the cloud cover onto the nearby hillside and the snow squalls are marching across the mountains on the other side of the Bay.

    What I'm gonna look for next in this Sat view is our local Volcanos outbursts and see if they get imaged too. THAT will be amazing.


  • BEAUTIFUL work and powerful tool for everyone to see the true weather picture plus the model analyses and predictions. Keep up the great work. Thanks for your dedication and outstanding work. I encourage all of my friends and colleagues to use your system. Dave Matthews, PhD,

  • Excellent. Love it. Matches almost exactly what I can see from my home right now.

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