Windy launches Satellite layer

  • This beats the local Bureau of Meteorology hands down

  • Astonishing! I am sitting here looking at the satellite's virtually LIVE view of the planet & out the window at the 'real' world of the Aleutian Islands and It's super interesting to see how the two 'realities' mesh. I should not be amazed but honestly > Windy folks!!! >> You have achieved that rarefied level of 'really awesome'.

    The Sun is shining thru the cloud cover onto the nearby hillside and the snow squalls are marching across the mountains on the other side of the Bay.

    What I'm gonna look for next in this Sat view is our local Volcanos outbursts and see if they get imaged too. THAT will be amazing.


  • BEAUTIFUL work and powerful tool for everyone to see the true weather picture plus the model analyses and predictions. Keep up the great work. Thanks for your dedication and outstanding work. I encourage all of my friends and colleagues to use your system. Dave Matthews, PhD,

  • Excellent. Love it. Matches almost exactly what I can see from my home right now.

  • Totally Impressed!!!

  • All my thanks and congratulations for your fantastic work...

  • I love it, very good service

  • Fantastic!! satellite layer is amazing!!!

  • Bonjour
    superbe continuez votre site est tres bon

  • I think it would be better when it was on first beta with purple scaled colors. I liked blue-purple colors on infrared+ version..

  • Totally loving the new satellite layer in 3 light the animation...awesome work are killing

  • Strong work! Will use this every time I use Windy.

  • Hi, the cut between two satellites (0 deg and ~40 deg E?) in the new beta version is a bit westward than it use to be in the old beta version.
    Is it possible to change it back?
    I think that the 0 deg satellite has better spatiotemporal resolution, so if it could be more widely used, it will benefit more people.


  • Administrator

    @koko_a Hi, thank you for your feedback! This is a compromise solution. We moved the line because of hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean - they were often split. So now whole ocean is covered by one Goes satellite. I admit that the resolution is slightly worse near its eastern edge. We are thinking also about single satellite mode, so you would be able to choose just one satellite that you want to see.

  • Administrator

    @HavalarinSesi Thank you for your feedback! In our survey much more people voted for the rainbow palette so we put it back.

  • Been with you as a supporter for a long time. Pleased with the ever growing weather platform and the add on's. Who are you all and that Queen "B" ? mysterious woman in the middle. I enjoy promoting you all here in Canada. Thanks, blessings and you look like a great happy group on this celebratory day.

  • terrrific work.
    Love the site and recommend to many.

  • I love it! But when I zoom or navigate it crashes my Macbook Pro 2015 completely. Not even just the browser, but the whole machine. Tested both on FF and Chrome. (And, yes, I still love it.)

  • I wanted to let your team know that your windy site has now become my defacto site for weather. I am a closet weather man and used to go to the NOAA, weather channel (not very often!!!!), different satellite, channels, etc. Now, Windy is the only place. Nicely done. The satellite layer....WOW. Again, the little twists you place on the page draws you further into it. Not so good for my marriage, can't have it all.. LOL.

    Good work!!!

  • I liked the satellite visible/infra layer. I used it to see how the typhoon Kammuri to hit Philippines. It is helpful for travel schedule. Everyone can have a professional weather station in his computer and smartphone.

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