Volcanic Ash Tracking

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    • Wondering if there is a category/layer in Windy that tracks Volcano Ash.

    I've tried the Dust layer and that kinda helps a bit but not really. Given the numbers of active Volcanoes spewing ash & also various volatile gases... well, just curious.

    AND -

    • Is there a way to have two layers working at the same time for comparing info?

    Oh, and - the S02 layer is awesome!!! SEE the attached Images which explain my comments below

    While that layer doesn't help much with tracking Volcanic ash... IT DOES SHOW CLEARLY the track of the Great Circle Route Cargo Ships that travel between the West Coast of the US and Canada thru the southern portion of the Bering Sea north of the Aleutians where I live and Japan. COMPARE that with the MarineTraffic.com live ship tracking and you can see that these ships MUST scrub their stacks better... while not exactly part of the decarbonization Ivo Speaks of... it would help to control Ocean Acidification. As for decarbonization... less ship traffic OR SHIPS that USE more refined fuels, might help with Air Quality issues on the planet. AND worldwide: we need to grow & produce locally etc....

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    Volcano eruptions are important sources of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and volcanic ash (aerosols) in the atmosphere.

    For live volcanic ash advisories and volcano specific SO2 imagery ...

    In general, there are 9 VAACs (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers) worldwide,
    providing their expertise in case of significant volcanic eruptions.

    You can track ship routes, also, by using "air quality" (NO2) layer.

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