Getting worse?

  • Hi guys! As much as I was thrilled by your accurate forecasts in the past ( using ECMWF for Toronto, Canada, not other platforms/models, since GFS and NAM were more wrong than right always), sadly I have to conclude that you are becoming yet another average forecaster, in the sea of many, who are more wrong than correct. Today, again, ECMWF was TOTALLY wrong for Toronto. The forecast ECMWF called for so much rain, from 9am till about 9pm, with total of 8.8mm of rain. All we had were few drops of it, that's all. Not only that, but still, even now, at 5pm, according to your site we should be under rain and thunder, but the skies above and around me are CLEAR!
    This has been happening for awhile.
    So, should I stay or should I go, is the question...

  • The forecasts are not the same. That can happen to all of it's models, even its best ones.

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    @SinisaB said in Getting worse?:

    ...sadly I have to conclude that you are becoming yet another average forecaster, in the sea of many, who are more wrong than correct.

    Windy does not create any forecast data but instead only visualises forecast and actual data received from various third party providers.

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    If you compute your own forecast model give us your data. There are not any models better than the one you have named

  • @ivo Ivo, Sarcasm has its own time and place, but the fact remains that what you call the best model, is far from best. Even as I type, there is a heavy rain shower in Toronto, with way more rain than forecasted 0.4mm for the next 3 hours. Also, "rain accumulation" feature is showing ZERO mm for the next 12 hours, yet here we are, we have a downpour this very second here in Toronto.
    I really really loved coming onto your website because I felt assured of its accuracy. But, no more.

  • @Weather2004 Absolutely agreed! But the point for me was that I was assured that I finally found a TRUSTED weather site. And was seriously thinking about giving a donation too- why not if info provided is really good and useful. But I won't be donating anything at this time, because the forecasts, lately, have been so off that I find the info useless.

  • @jmh2002 I understand that Windy does not create its own data. No, Windy is not everywhere. But I definitely wish Windy TONS OF SUCCESS so that it can really be everywhere, IF it deserves so.

  • @SinisaB Sinisa, I understand your frustration. Nevertheless, Windy really does purchase multiple most advanced model and visualizes them. Sadly, no model will ever be 100% accurate.

  • @SinisaB great to see someone from acroos the pond quoting the Clash!

  • This is just my own ideas based on how I feel... Many weather forecast algorithms have been based on past weather behavior. With Climate Change occurring, the weather is absolutely fluid - it has no rock solid base reference. As you say, the forecasts used to be spot on and now they aren't as accurate as they once were. Could that be because climate change has changed the base reference standard? It may be time for the models to 'upgrade' the way the forecast is compiled. It isn't the fault of Windy, they are an aggregate system combining many data sets for consumption all in one place.
    I used to use Weather Underground but since IBM acquired them, IBM is doing what they do best - destroying a once workable site into a bollixed mess of useless information and dead links.
    Windy is at least trying.
    (No I'm not a paid shill, just someone looking for something that will meet my needs and so far Windy seems to be that source.)

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