• Hi how can I show barbs / direction arrows instead of animation on windy app?

  • Moderator

    Click on the location.


    TIP: Wind direction can be displayed in degrees or as a string (use "menu", "settings")


  • I would also much prefer barbs instead of animations.
    The above reply does not seem to answer the question?

  • Sailor

    There is no possibility to show wind barbs instead of animated particles. What is the benefit of wind barbs?

  • Moderator

    An alternative variant is to turn on "Reported Wind", which will display Wind Arrows (not quite barbs, but close) and the Actual Wind now.

    This can be used with or without the Particle Animation feature.

    It is also possible to do the following:

    • Click the screen to show the Picker, and drag to any location (Forecast data displayed)
    • Hover over the Reporting Station, to see more information (Actual data displayed)

    Just remember that the Picker and the Particle Animation is showing Forecast data, and the Wind Arrows and Hover information is showing Actual data now.

    2019-07-14 16.31.56 - Photos.jpg

  • Moderator

    A further additional option as suggested by @idefix37 would be to select the Wind layer together with Forecasted weather at the bottom right.

    This will display Forecasted Wind Arrows which will move and change with the Timeline (press Play, use keyboard arrows, or scroll), and can be used with or without Particle Animation.

    Hope this helps :)

    2019-07-15 10.46.31 - Windy_ Wind map & weather forecast - Google Chrome.jpg

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