Wind & Forecasted weather glitch

  • I noticed when I choose Wind and forecasted weather and any model(GFS, ECMWF, for example), the direction and wind force arrows of locations are not updating during Play mode. When I pause and play again - it's updated.

    Please see picture(for example Nebel or Flensburg):

    Could reproduce in mobile(Android) app and Chrome(Linux).
    If you need any further information please contact me.

  • Moderator

    This post is deleted!

  • Sailor

    No @f1yegor is right.
    You talk about Reported wind, he explains that there is an issue with Forecasted weather.
    See on his screenshot which symbol is ticked.
    If you tick Forecasted weather, you get locally forecasted wind or temperature depending on the layer you have chosen. The figures don’t update according to the time slider or they do but it is necessary to stop it and play it again.

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    @idefix37 Ah yes, correct. I have deleted my post, clearly I didn't have enough coffee yet at 0630 :) My apologies.

    However in Forecast mode the wind arrows are moving direction and changing values for me when I press Play (at least on desktop - Windows & Chrome v75.0.3770.100).

    Can you please check it too @idefix37

  • Sailor


    Coffee may be, :) but probably you use more Reported wind or temp than Forcasted weather. For once a post is clearly explained what is rarely the case here I find !
    I have done it (see my post updated) . I get the same issue as @f1yegor. I use iPad but mobile website, not the App.

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    @TomSlavkovsky please check and reply :)

    Seems to be working on Windows Desktop with Chrome but possibly not on other platforms:

    • Chrome Linux
    • Android App
    • Mobile web (via iPad)

    Thanks :)

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