How to set leaflet map interaction options?

  • I know that map methods can be accessed using the map object, but how can we configure the map options such as doubleClickZoom, dragging and so on?

    This is my current initialization code:

    windyInit( options, windyAPI => {
    	// windyAPI is ready, and contain 'map', 'store', 'picker'
    	const {store,map} = windyAPI;
    	store.set('lang', 'es');
    	// .map is instance of Leaflet map
    	map.setMaxZoom(9); /* this is a method and it works */
    	map.doubleClickZoom = false; /* this is an option and it does not work */
    	// add default marker
    	L.marker([, options.lon]).addTo(map); 

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