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    850 hPa temperature anomaly

    As already mentioned in the previous article, here we are dealing with another heat wave that will push the accelerator from tomorrow. Warm air will reach Portugal, Spain, France and Italy with peaks up to +27 degrees at an altitude of 850hpa (1500m) on the Iberian peninsula.

    In France, Spain and inland areas of Portugal the temperature will exceed + 40 ° on the ground, while in Italy it will stop around + 35 °.

    In the following days (Tuesday / Wednesday) the hot air will tend to invade even central Europe and Scandinavia, on the latter, peaks are expected around + 20 ° at 850hpa.

    In short, hot that will reach almost all of central-western Europe, resulting particularly intense in Spain and France, where people's health will be at risk.

    The anticyclone responsible for all this will initially have a double supply. Let me explain better, the hot air will flow both from Africa and from the tropical Atlantic (anticyclone of the Azores) thus forming a very strong hybrid structure.

    focus windy.png
    Dual power anticyclone (Azores and Africa)

    Subsequently with the further sinking towards the south of the low-pressure structure in the open Atlantic, the high pressure will lose the Atlantic feeding, but further increasing the push by the African hot air.

    Between Thursday and Friday, the freshest oceanic winds will begin to blow on Portugal and northern Spain and on western France with thunderstorms also of strong intensity.

    Italy will have to wait for Saturday / Sunday.

    This medium-long term option appears more likely for areas facing the Atlantic Ocean while for other areas confirmation will be needed in the coming days.

    The Scandinavia will live a very long period of thermal supremacy due to the isolation of an anticyclonic structure on the peninsula (scand +).

    Jacopo Zannoni

    The member of the storm chasers group ZenaStormChaser from Genoa, Italy. Follow ZenaStormChaser on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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  • In the moment, it is very nice here in Minho, northwest Portugal. We had some rain and the temperature is perfect at around 24º. The best summer in some years since the lasts ones, were tooooo hot.

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