Bug: ClimateWreck denial is accommodated by NOT showing Jet Streams, require this.

  • Hello!

    Many are culturally/peer-obligated to oppose the existence of ClimateWreck,
    the punctuation between temperate-planet & hot-planet.

    When all weather-news sources WON'T show why they are being frozen sometimes,
    by the Jet Streams going toward the equator, pulling cold on them,
    then they have what they feel is certain proof that we are lying to them
    ( in a way, we are: if we won't show them the cause,
    then we must hold their intelligence/capacity-for-understanding in contempt, right? )

    Please make Jet Stream visibility a toggle on the apps, to SHOW why some are freezing to death in "warmer" locales!

    Please fix Windy to torpedo ignorance for all our benefit.

    Salut, Namaste, & Kaizen!

    ( :

  • Change altitude in Windy and you will see jet streams.

    I don't see how this is a bug.

  • Sailor Moderator

    And what is that?



    However I don’t think that showing meridian flow from polar regions to tropical areas will really convince climate change deniers.
    Don’t mix up climatology and meteorology.

    I agree with @siim there is NO BUG with jet-stream display on Windy.

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