How can I access historical data?

  • @gkikas-lgpz

    thank you

  • Hi, Ivo.

    As a farmer, I definitely need the historical data.

    Keisuke (CEO, Root Inc., Japan)

  • Please. It would be great for ocean rowing.

  • I understand the issue with funding, and space, but was none the less wondering if South Atlantic wave and wind data from August 30th was still cached or otherwise still in the database, or if it has already been purged. Thank you for making an amazing weather service! :)

  • Sailor

  • It is much important that historical data.
    Windy should show 5 days past weather process in the web, that is really useful thing.

  • Use weather stations for past 20 days data.


  • Windy is fabulous!

    Past data would be really nice to have feature, if it is not going to cost you., As understood from above discussion. help to view past data though am not sure if the website pays for it or some sponsors, it seems to fetch data on demand instead of storing.

    Hudhud cyclone

    If such an approach viable, your website could become a one place reference.

    Thanks for providing a great experience with windy.

  • @rsdevarapalli said in How can I access historical data?:

    Past data would be really nice to have feature


  • Pretty please, please, I love Windy, and historical data would make it even more amazing. I would pay 2€ monthly to have it.

  • @jimmyray1972 I am skipper of the Golden Globe Race. Discovering just now how this website is apparently run by passion more than by big capital. Congratulations.
    About historical data I understand they are not available through your server. I am trying to reconstruct a couple of scenario while I was out at sea. Any suggestions about how to get historical Ocean weather (by historical I mean just few months old)?


  • Moderator

  • @ivo Can you send me historical data from 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018 on my email Thank you so much! Our fleets really need this in the area of Mauritania.

  • This question is for a Windy employee:

    How much data space is needed to hold historical data? What is the size of the database need to be to hold all historical data? Couple of Terrabytes? Petabytes?

    Their are very effective and cheap cloud storage solutions like Azure, AWS and Google. For example for 10 TB of hot data storage, it would typically cost around $300/month.

    Since I'm sure you get 10's of thousands of visitors each month, Windy could run a donation drive like Wikipedia does so that it can collect money to spend on Storage and hosting of this beautiful webapp! This would be much better than implementing ugly advertising banners on the site to generate revenue to pay for storage.

    I'm sure there are many people here that would donate and would get their universities and/or workplace to donate so that they can have access to this data.

  • Rain ACCUMULATION for at least the past DAY.
    This is one huge requirement that only seems like "history", and that is just trying to discover how much rain I got, even for the past few hours. We just had a huge front move through, and I had spread fertilizer out, and need to know if I should or should not add more water. I don't know how to figure that out, if that data is even available, easily. But, accumulated rain or snow matters more than what the wind was, even an hour ago. Our forecast was for ~.75" - 1.0". Now that the front just passed, the only choice is to see what the NEXT 12 hours are. Even though it is past us, the accum. button seems to show some of the past and is showing .5", which seems likely accurate. Even if that is not showing the past, it would be great to say what that accum. button is, or is not.

    -- Other than that, you guys have the best UI I've ever seen! It is simply amazing. Everyone has to eat though, and you've got to be fed by someone. Seems to me this project is no different. Donations might work as well. Take a look at the best (IMO) internet radio station, funded purely by donations at -- So it CAN be done, and very profitably if you are good enough. And, I think you are. You had the absolute best tools for understanding the past huge Florida hurricanes, and I used it extensively.

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