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    We contact you to report an error in the sea current direction. In the nautical world the sea current direction is named as:

    The direction of ocean currents is the direction they're headed for or where the current is flowing towards, and the direction of wind is named as the direction from where it's blowing. So an easterly current and westerly wind is going the same way or has the same vector - from west to east, but is named differently.

    At present, the sea current tag shows the direction like the wind, but the direction of the sea current actually is the opposite.

    Best regards.

  • Sailor Moderator


    You are right, Windy shows correctly the direction of the current with the « animated particles » or with the small arrow in the speed/direction picker, but the current is named in a non-conventional way both in degrees or in cardinal direction.



    In this example with the Gulf Stream, the current is bearing NE

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor


    This bug really needs to be addressed quite urgently please :)

    From a nautical perspective it is incorrect.

  • Sailor Moderator

    BTW The information « About these data » concerning the Current layer must be changed and fulfilled.


    « Close to the shoreline, the actual value is influenced by the shape of the shoreline and the sea bottom. Also the actual sea currents on the surface can be influenced by wind »....
    Yes but MAINLY BY THE TIDAL RANGE that can give strong currents to certain places. For this reason, this layer should not be used for coastal navigation. The tide varies from hour to hour and likewise for the tidal current, while this layer is updated every 48 - 49 h!

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