Windy launches Route Planner

  • @Francfo hi Franco! you have a reason for that!!! but, with a new tecnology progress, you can buy a new Iridium Go and have wifi. Regarsd!!!

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    Thank you very much for providing the IFR view!
    It is very useful for pilots (and aviation meteorologists!).

    Please consider to add data for FL340 (250 hPa)
    as this is a flight level used by most flights.
    Data at 250 hPa are available at Windy as this is a standard level.
    IMO you must add data at 250 hPa at "sounding" also
    for reasons described here

  • @Cavajr I could buy a newer bigger boat, get a professional crew and let them worry about it!
    You miss the point (really?) - products like Iridium are expensive, saving data on local device is not - simple!

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    But in fact, with the Iridium Go or Iridium phone, you cannot get These devices are only useful for receiving low bandwidth data

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    Very good, thanks!!

    • visibility: km to sm conversion still not correct.
    • overscrolling to the right navigates to the previous page. (In plugins setting overscroll-behavior-x: none, on various elements, does not stop this).

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    @Gkikas-LGPZ @marekd

    I too would like to see the 250hpa wind barbs added to the IFR cross section window - this flight level "FL340" is very useful like FL390 for commercial aircraft operations.


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    @Francfo Check out qtvlm, open source weather router. You can save grib file scenarios, run alternative routings, and save them all.

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    Very good. A great addition to the distance planner.
    As a sailor, I would prefer wind direction to default to absolute, or north up. But not a priority, once I know how to make setting.
    I like the default forecast all along the route defined for one specific moment that I choose on timeline. Moving forecast along the route depends on accurate guess of vmg, which of course changes with wind speed and sea state and accurate boat polars. Very complex and maybe best left to weather routing apps such as Predictwind and qtvlm.

  • THANK YOU!!! this is awsome. I love to sail and work with computer models, so maybe this wishlist will help:

    WIND DIRECTION: definitely BOTH: relative and absolute. You could add one more line to the table.

    SPEED:: Set the speed of your vessel, but add/substract according to relative wind direction. For example: Av. Speed: 5 knots Correction: +- 2 knots. When you start from point A you start at av speed and add or substract up to 2 knots according to relative wind. You can use the following formula to do this: Corrected Average Speed = Average Speed +(1+0.0336*(RelWindAngle)-0.000146*(RelWindAngle^2)). This will assume maximum speed of 7 knots at wind angle 130, and speed of 3 knots if the wind angle is 0. At angle 0 It assumes you will tack to the point upwind at a true speed of 3 knots. The wind angle goes from 0 to 180. Most sailboats follow this pattern. Average speed and correction should be in the settings.
    Also Current should correct the speed based on angle and strength.

    ROUTE INTERVAL ESTIMATION (hours): All variables are recalculated every this number of hours. The longer the period, the bigger the error due to averaging, but the less use of resourses for windy. I am assuming the route is a vector that gets recalculated at time intervals. Point one starts with actual data, after one interval of time (ex. one hour) the variables are recalculated with the forecast for the next hour at point number 2 of the route, which is located at the distance travelled at Corrected Average Speed.

    COMFORT INDEX: An index that will tell how good your route is based on relative wind direction, wind speed, wave high and direction. A formula similar to the one I showed before will give you this index. It should combine direction and intensity.

    WINDOW LIKELIHOOD: Once you have saved a route, you can check if the weather window is more or less favourable to achieve it. This can be calculated with the average corrected speed and comfort index. The departing date which achieves better scores in these two variables is the best departing date.
    This is all I have for now. I am in Florida, looking at Hurricane Dorian and praying that it does not get off course and hit my boat. Great job on Windy. I simply love your product and believe you have created the best weather software online.
    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  • @lgirado
    I had a typo in the formula. I omitted the negative sign in the first number of the equation. This is the correct one:
    Corrected Average Speed = Average Speed +Correction*(-1+0.0336*(RelWindAngle)-0.000146*(RelWindAngle^2)).
    The portion (-1+0.0336*(RelWindAngle)-0.000146*(RelWindAngle^2)) provides a value from -1 to +1 with this shape:

  • I have used this feature to map the center, measure the girth, path, pace, and distance from land...simultaneously for Dorian. Its a great tool...and to my great advantage...simple to use! ;->
    Nice work.
    Naples Fl

  • @Cavajr No, I can't buy an Iridium!!!

  • @mrandall I have it but useful only if you can update data... which is not possible without wifi:

  • I have a iPad Pro, 1st Gen,. Please tell me how to access distance and Planning as I can't find it on my device. Thank you. I am a silver member.

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    On iPad, Distance & planning window appears with a long press on the screen. But I don’t know if it works with iPad Pro 1st generation.

  • @idefix37 Ok that worked and even if it didn't I appreciate it.

  • Great. May be sometimes you introduce nm nautical miles instead km. Implement it into Settings

  • Sailor

  • Absolutely incredible cool feature. I assume in future you support a velocity to move along the route and the matching weather for the future waypoints is adopted. At e also select time to enter for a waypoint.

  • great keep it up you are rocking best of luck

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