Windy launches Route Planner

  • Absolutely incredible cool feature. I assume in future you support a velocity to move along the route and the matching weather for the future waypoints is adopted. At e also select time to enter for a waypoint.

  • great keep it up you are rocking best of luck

  • Hello,

    For me as a pilot is relative wind better then absolute.

    I appriciate also option to set speed or timeframe - to get a forecast for the route similar as offer it in Gramet.

    I have a problem with color scheme (very low contrast) of weather strip - pressure/FL/temps are nearly unreadable without zooming (VFR/IFR),


  • this is a start of a awesome feature - waiting to try out the option of speed of movement and changing forecast in course of time, and GPX..

  • For route planning interface (without weather info), checkout the interface. It works really well for roads, hiking trails.

    It might be too much work to implement that kind of interface, but just wanted to mention it incase its easy enough.

  • Do you plan to continue update it?

  • Administrator

    @igor-320 Sure, but we are working on other huge things :-) It can take us a while...

  • In the the Route Planner - Route Detail 38.56 -9.41 is displayed as 38.93 -9.69 please check here

  • @marekd

    Is there a way to use the Boat route planner on the mobile app for iOS? I really like the fact that I can see wave height for the route on the computer version but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get that on the mobile app.

  • Administrator

    @mwodziak Mobile version of route planner is a really big challenge. We still trying to figure out how to make it usable and meaningful on mobile devices. I am afraid we will be working on the planner next year at the earliest, but as we can see, people use it and they want to use it. Thank you for your patience.

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    @marekd well on pads it is already quite useful, here from a Google Nexus:

    I wish rplanner had a way to reversibly use full screen - lots of detail in the crammed bottom area

    great tool!

  • Adding item two "add the option of defining the speed of movement, and the option of changing the forecast in the course of time" would be very useful. It does not need to be complex, in my opinion, for a cruising sailboat. A polar of the boat is a nice idea, but simple and robust to start out is best. Thanks, CaptJohn

  • I use Windy for sailing (currently crossing Indian Ocean). There are several things I find problematic with Distance & Planning:

    • Map and data are synchonised only when time cursor is clicked and held down. If you let go the time cursor the display is confusing.
    • Are you building a weather-routing tool for yachts? Some commenters think you are and want to see polars or some kind of sail performance built in. IMHO this is an entirely different tool to what you have now and requires a focus on weather as seen subjectively by the boat at a selected time and place, along a precalculated and optimized route. There are several apps that try to do this and they all incorporate those two phases: route calculation and then subjective weather along that route.
    • Assuming that you restrict Windy to displaying forecast along a manually defined route, and assuming that you provide some means of specifying the speed, then it would reduce confusion to lock the time and distance together so that as the time cursor is moved both the map and data table change in sync.
  • Sailor Moderator

    Hi, Marek
    The route planner tutorial gives some explanation about relative wind settings. But this is not clear for me. I understand what is the absolute direction of the wind referring to the North direction and the relative direction of the wind referring to the direction of the mobile, but this text is very confusing for me:
    The tuto says:
    « BOTTOM TO TOP = relative direction of wind, when the azimuth of the user in exact point is turned upwards, ie. when the user is moving from the west to the east and the wind is blowing from the north to the south, the direction of the wind will be showing from left to right
    LEFT TO RIGHT = it’s the same situation, just the azimuth is rotated 90 degrees to the right, ie. if the user is moving from the west to the east and the wind is blowing from the north to the south (same situation as previously), the direction of the wind will be showing from the top to bottom »

    Do you have any comment or explanation about it?

  • @Francfo said in Windy launches Route Planner:

    Maybe, absolute direction of the wind (north up) should be default setting for Route Planner?

  • @marekd said in Windy launches Route Planner:

    Maybe, absolute direction of the wind (north up) should be default setting for Route Planner?

  • Administrator

    @idefix37 It is not so easy to explain this. And we have selected inappropriate images for this in the tutorial. Mabe some screens will help.

    Left to right:

    Bottom to top:

  • Sailor Moderator

    Thanks for the screenshots. They are better than those in the tutorial. But frankly if "it is not easy to explain", it would be better to have the absolute direction of the wind as default settings. Maybe this way of showing relative wind direction is basic for pilots and aviation specialists?
    Using your screens I have tried to understand how this «relative wind » is shown.
    When the direction of trip is set from left to right, you have to imagine projecting the motion of the mobile (car, plane, boat) on a horizontal axis oriented from left to right. And then to transfer the angle made by the wind with the course of the mobile on this horizontal axis. It gives the angle which is shown in the diagram of the route planner.


    When you consider the direction of the trip from bottom to top you have to imagine projecting the motion on a vertical axis oriented from bottom to top. And to transfer the relative angle on this vertical axis in the same way.

    Am I right?
    All these questions because I have to translate this tutorial into my native language and I hate to translate something I don’t understand.
    BTW this not really a relative wind which is the vectorial sum of the atmosphere wind and the wind created by the motion.

  • Administrator

    @idefix37 You are 100% right :-) That is exactly how it works! Maybe we use your pictures for the tutorial if you would agree :-) Thank you. You are also right with the target group of users. It is basicaly for pilots. Once you change the default direction, it should respect your setting forever. But it is not probably bad idea to change the default setting to absolute wind. At least it will make sence to everyone. And who would want to play with this feature, still can.

  • Sailor Moderator

    You may use my pictures, they are free of charge for you :-)

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