Windy launches Route Planner

  • Administrator

    🎉 Update released! 🎉

    It took us a while until we returned back to the route planner. Thank you for your patience. What is new:

    • add speed option (the most wanted feature here in this thread)
    • add 250hPa flight level for IFR view

    Thank you all for your feedback, it helps us a lot :-)

  • Sailor

    Thank Marek, great job ! Now with the addition of the speed, it's really a useful tool. I have played with it for virtual trips by boat and hike/car. The addition of intermediate waypoints is perfect by clicking on the track.
    Personally I would prefer to have the wind direction shown in degrees instead of, or in addition to, the small arrow, but this is not crucial.
    L&R arrow keys allow to make the layer changing but not the mobile (car, boat, plane) moving along the track. It's necessary to use the mouse to make everything changing according to the time stamp. Could this be improved?

  • Sailor

    Even if it is obvious to set the wind direction reference on "north up" when using Route planner for sailing, I find quite useful to check also the wind direction with its direction reference set on "bottom to top". This feature shows if the chosen course is not too close to the wind or even heading into the wind (a sailboat cannot sail approximately at less within 45° of the true wind). Wind arrows turn more red when the boat is heading into the wind, but showing the direction in degrees would be useful too.


    Any plan to include the Route planner in the app, at least for iPad or similar?

  • @idefix37 I always use "North Up" and never get confused. I mean I get very accurate conditions for the whole route then obviously during my sailing trip I do what I have to do to get maximum efficiency on the sails. But using this feature is simply amazing and I love it. Is this all possible on Android App? I don't think so right?


  • Sailor

    Of course North up is the right setting to plan a route when sailing. It was just an additional remark to say that Bottom to top is also useful and easier to check that you are not to close to the wind when you sail upwind and need changing tack.
    In your example it is clear that you are downwind as shown by your route plan from Malta to Sicily. You can sail with a straight course.
    The route planner is not available on phone app, Android or else.

  • Administrator

    Anyway, would you appreciate to export your route to eg. PDF? It is almost impossible to make route planner available at mobile phones due to the complexity of the UI and its control. But if you can export the route to PDF on your desktop and then open it anywhere... it should do the job, should not it?

  • Sailor

    I can give an opinion for the use of the Route planner only at sea. With a laptop on board, no problem to use the Route planner when you are online. If you only have a desktop computer at home, you can prepare a route planning and send the PDF to your smartphone, tablet or just print it. But it’s a one-shot and it’s frustrating if the cruise lasts more than 3 or 4 days and needs updating the weather forecast and the route.
    OK for the pdf but it will only be useful for a short cruise, for a weekend for example. I understand that on the smartphone app it is not possible to develop the Route planner. But on a tablet, would it be possible, on the application or at least via the browser (same as color settings available via the browser on iPad)?
    And in case there is no navigation software on board, and so no possibility to use the GPX file, would it be possible to get the coordinates of the way points on the route planner itself?

  • Administrator

    @idefix37 Thanks for your feedback. I think we can give a tablet try. Maybe it will work. In a combination with PDF exporting it should make it easier to use.
    Do you mean putting coordinates as an input to the route planner? Or getting the coordinates from route planner points? The second is done, just click "Route detail" button. The first option is not possible yet, but it could be quite easy to add.

  • Sailor

    Fine if it could work with a tablet, I think there are quite a large number of sailors using this type of device, probably pilots too.
    Concerning the coordinates, I was meaning the coordinates from route planner points. Despite I had opened several time Route detail, coordinates were probably too close to my eyes !! :-) ...Sorry, forget this crazy remark

  • @marekd this feature on a tablet would be great. I just discovered it and spent over an hour trying to figure out why it wasn’t working on my iPad. It wasn’t clear to me that this is only available on a PC.

    I’m a pilot in Bolivia and this would be a fantastic tool on the iPad.

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