Windy launches Route Planner

  • Sailor

    I think most of this has been said but just to reiterate, from a sailing perspective there is little point having the forecast along the entire route for one moment in time as clearly, for a journey of any length, the situation will have changed substantially by the time the boat (moving at 6-7kts) has got there! So it would be really nice if 'boat mode' by default showed the predictions along the route given a specific boat speed.

    That said, I have now got the hang of the fact that the weekdays along the top of the table do not relate to the weather beneath (this was very confusing) and I can make predictions by shifting the bar around. It's a bit cumbersome, but nonetheless worthwhile and helping me guide my friends across the Indian Ocean.

    The last request is that the routes be save-able! (if they are already I have not seen how?). It is a pain to have to keep re-entering multiple waypoints everytime I come back to the app!

    Thanks for everything, this is the most brilliant weather program in existance!

  • Dear Windy,

    Nice feature; I will use it to track distance to my enroute alternates! However, can you provide me the definitions of 1) ECMWF and 2) GFS? Also how is Windy defining [cloud height] 1) medium clouds and 2) low clouds?


  • @marekd love it love it love it

  • U guys R awesome with cutting edge thinking ....beautifully done once the user gets past the learning curve

  • Pilot

    Toll, das Euer Bestreben ist, vielen Interessenten viel Informationen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Danke
    Hochachtungt für Euer Bemühen,

  • @marekd
    I'm a balloonist and have a high emphasis on surface and lower elevation winds (100m, 300m, 500 m, 750m) for flight planning. Other than that as of now => great tool.

  • This is a super feature, thank you I'll use it for flight planning both VFR and IFR low level to 20.000 ft. For this I would need to add route, departure time ETD, True Airspeed TAS and altitude.
    Important extra information is a 0 degree gradient relative to MSL(!), ising and information about CBs. For routes of a duration of more than one hour, the diagram should show weather relative to time. Alternatively, use time at the midpoint of the route. I would prefer wind arrows north up, but the red/black/green coloring is excellent.
    Finally, a nice to have would be mean of groundspeed and arrival time - ETA.

  • Meteorologist

    Thankyou @marekd for the updated VFR display.

    I greatly appreciate the work you (and the team) are putting into this product - which makes my work a little bit easier :)

  • @marekd
    On VFR, the gray shades are R.H., OK.
    What is the lower limit of the shaded area? 50% ? 90% ?
    The shades are every 10% ?

  • Meteorologist

    Hi @marekd ,

    could you check the "Freezing Level" line/trace in the cross-section display for the correct plotted height?

    I have attached a screen shot (below) showing the EC forecast freezing height at Cootamundra (see picker) as 3000ft.
    The cross-section freezing height line is up near the 2000m/6000ft level at the same point. The height of the topography is ~420m.

    It doesn't look right????

    ![alt text](15aebdf3-524e-4e7a-9b0e-a8f4e34cc11a-image.png

  • Hi, First off thanks so much for the hard work on Windy, it's my favorite weather app/site and I'm always recommending it to friends!

    Would it be possible to import .kml or even better google maps routes (or something similar) for long distance road trips to get the wx along the route? The point by point works but it would be far easier to just import based off a currently planned route from a .gpx or .kml.


  • Does this mean you can plot out an ideal path based on weather criteria? Because I've been using the app to find the coolest place to camp each night as I make way through the desert, and it's pretty tedious. Can I now say, "this is my destination" and "find the relative coolest point along the route" (taking into consideration the temperature at 10pm, and also at 10am the next day)? That would be rad if I can do that!

  • @marekd How do I use this? I don't see "distance & planning" anywhere in the menus...

  • Great job...however I could not find how to set distance in nautical miles (NM) for boats !?!

  • Got it !
    Great, I like this new feature a lot...used it to plan our passage across the Tasman Sea from Hobart - Australia to Nelson New Zealand last May.

  • How can we modify Boat's speed/Sailpolars ?

  • Administrator

    @Gkikas-LGPZ It is not so easy. It depends on values around, on geopotential height, on the decrease in value with height and more... But here is a picture with imprinted values. Hope it is what you need :-)

    Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 17.32.25.jpg

  • @marekd
    Thank you.

    I thought it is something like this (where the green shades depict R.H >70%)

    In Windy's VFR route planner the grey shades seem to stand for R.H. aprox. >90%

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