Windy launches Route Planner

  • Recurso muito util e interessante.

  • @bluenomads said in Windy launches Route Planner:

    Great tool!
    Give the comment on the to-come speed of movement, am I right in that what I'm seeing right now are the conditions along the route but seen at a chosen instant in time?
    If so, adding the speed of movement would be great. Can I suggest that each leg - between waypoints - should be able to have a different speed set. This would (for boats!) allow for tidal differences and wind effects when going around headlands and simply over time for tide near shore.

    Absolutely brilliant! Don't keep it a secret!

  • What an excellent feature, and cements the fact that Windy is thinking outside the box and pushing to progress the fine art of weather exposition..

    • The time and therefore weather should be presented along the route correct for the predicted time of arrival.
    • Maybe actual route planning for road traffic - maybe as extra chargeable, tie-in with TomTom or another route provider?
    • use a small icon of the intended user, car for car journey, plane for flight etc.

    Those are my thoughts so far, but a great feature, look forward to it arriving on mobile.

  • I like the new functionality. There is one thing that I miss:

    I used to set a waypoint easily on a specific latitude/longitude in the old version. Would it be possible to display the lat/lon next to each waypoint, just like this is done for the weather picker? Of course updating realtime when a waypoint is dragged.......

    At the moment it's a bit of a guessing game to put a waypoint on the right lat/lon.

    Thank you,


  • Administrator

    Hey guys, we just published a new version of our route planner. Just some small improvements.


    • added switch to change direction of movement (relative/absolute wind and wave directions)
    • added "reverse route" button
    • route detail remains open when waypoints are changed or any changes are happening
    • uncountable ammount of minor fixes

    Thanks for your feedback, we have been working on another version :-)

  • at you can find a simple version of a routing tool where you can adjust boat speed and starting time. what is missing here though is the forecast in table form or even as a graph. i'm sure windy can go one better. :-) thanks for all the helpful tools!


  • If possible to zoom in on the "time line."
    At least to an hourly zoom
    Would be "a nice to have" feature

  • Love it, once I had a play and got used to the new features. Good stuff Windy.

  • Good job Windy team! Best App kml not uploaded why are problems sir?

  • it's in Kilometers?!!! for navigation???

  • Wen we try to sue te "distance and planning"tool its provided in kilometres! at sea we use nautical miles.

  • Sailor

    I think most of this has been said but just to reiterate, from a sailing perspective there is little point having the forecast along the entire route for one moment in time as clearly, for a journey of any length, the situation will have changed substantially by the time the boat (moving at 6-7kts) has got there! So it would be really nice if 'boat mode' by default showed the predictions along the route given a specific boat speed.

    That said, I have now got the hang of the fact that the weekdays along the top of the table do not relate to the weather beneath (this was very confusing) and I can make predictions by shifting the bar around. It's a bit cumbersome, but nonetheless worthwhile and helping me guide my friends across the Indian Ocean.

    The last request is that the routes be save-able! (if they are already I have not seen how?). It is a pain to have to keep re-entering multiple waypoints everytime I come back to the app!

    Thanks for everything, this is the most brilliant weather program in existance!

  • Dear Windy,

    Nice feature; I will use it to track distance to my enroute alternates! However, can you provide me the definitions of 1) ECMWF and 2) GFS? Also how is Windy defining [cloud height] 1) medium clouds and 2) low clouds?


  • @marekd love it love it love it

  • U guys R awesome with cutting edge thinking ....beautifully done once the user gets past the learning curve

  • Pilot

    Toll, das Euer Bestreben ist, vielen Interessenten viel Informationen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Danke
    Hochachtungt für Euer Bemühen,

  • @marekd
    I'm a balloonist and have a high emphasis on surface and lower elevation winds (100m, 300m, 500 m, 750m) for flight planning. Other than that as of now => great tool.

  • This is a super feature, thank you I'll use it for flight planning both VFR and IFR low level to 20.000 ft. For this I would need to add route, departure time ETD, True Airspeed TAS and altitude.
    Important extra information is a 0 degree gradient relative to MSL(!), ising and information about CBs. For routes of a duration of more than one hour, the diagram should show weather relative to time. Alternatively, use time at the midpoint of the route. I would prefer wind arrows north up, but the red/black/green coloring is excellent.
    Finally, a nice to have would be mean of groundspeed and arrival time - ETA.

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