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  • @Francfo said in Windy launches Route Planner:

    Maybe, absolute direction of the wind (north up) should be default setting for Route Planner?

  • @marekd said in Windy launches Route Planner:

    Maybe, absolute direction of the wind (north up) should be default setting for Route Planner?

  • Administrator

    @idefix37 It is not so easy to explain this. And we have selected inappropriate images for this in the tutorial. Mabe some screens will help.

    Left to right:

    Bottom to top:

  • Sailor

    Thanks for the screenshots. They are better than those in the tutorial. But frankly if "it is not easy to explain", it would be better to have the absolute direction of the wind as default settings. Maybe this way of showing relative wind direction is basic for pilots and aviation specialists?
    Using your screens I have tried to understand how this «relative wind » is shown.
    When the direction of trip is set from left to right, you have to imagine projecting the motion of the mobile (car, plane, boat) on a horizontal axis oriented from left to right. And then to transfer the angle made by the wind with the course of the mobile on this horizontal axis. It gives the angle which is shown in the diagram of the route planner.


    When you consider the direction of the trip from bottom to top you have to imagine projecting the motion on a vertical axis oriented from bottom to top. And to transfer the relative angle on this vertical axis in the same way.

    Am I right?
    All these questions because I have to translate this tutorial into my native language and I hate to translate something I don’t understand.
    BTW this not really a relative wind which is the vectorial sum of the atmosphere wind and the wind created by the motion.

  • Administrator

    @idefix37 You are 100% right :-) That is exactly how it works! Maybe we use your pictures for the tutorial if you would agree :-) Thank you. You are also right with the target group of users. It is basicaly for pilots. Once you change the default direction, it should respect your setting forever. But it is not probably bad idea to change the default setting to absolute wind. At least it will make sence to everyone. And who would want to play with this feature, still can.

  • Sailor

    You may use my pictures, they are free of charge for you :-)

  • Sailor

    At same time, please change the explanation text of the tutorial which is not clear.

  • Just a note from a real novice.

    I just started studying your "Route Planner" and am using it on my boat's smart TV with my iPhone's "hot spot." I don't have the vocabulary to precisely express my sincere "thanks" for your team's success in creating such a fantastic tool for Yachtsmen. Note: After I plan a route & leave the Internet, upon my return, my TV's menue has a button for "Book Marks" & one for "Most Visited." By clicking either one, up comes the routes I previously planned which can be updated by simply moving the date bar to a desired point in time. That is unbelievable! not unlike Space X's automatically returning their boosters back to the launch pad after a launch! Thanks again...extremely well done!

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