Aircraft ditching into swells and sea!!

  • This is a fantastic app. As an airline pilot that flies over water routes, I have a few questions.

    How do I interpret the swells direction? When an aircraft ditches into the water we plan to plan a direction, sometimes at night. If wind speed is less than 25 knots we plan to ditch parallel to the primary swell and down the secondary swell. When you show both on the app I am unsure how to interpret. As wind speed increases we shift to flying more into the headwind but still have to factor the swells.

    Thanks for assistance in using your app.

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  • Sailor Moderator


    Hope it helps you:
    Point the weather picker (which can include coordinates - see settings).
    Press the small amber arrow, you get these useful arrows. They should help you to take the right decision before ditching ... if you have internet on board !


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