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    Hey does anyone own a Ventus W830?

    I've been swayed by the ability to monitor the weather remotely as it uploads data various places including Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and also the UK MetOffice WoW service (which benefits me as I'm in the UK).

    The Ventus also has the added ability to upload data to the Ecowitt network and your own web server using custom settings. Does this mean I could upload to Windy?

    I am.seriously considering this station, it's super nice and sophisticated but wanted to see if others had opinions on it.

    Many thanks.

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    It is practically the same as an Ambient WS-2902A. It is a decent station. You'll be able to upload to Windy if you pair it up with some 3rd party software like Meteobridge, Weather Display, WeeWx or Cumulus. Research these as I'm not up to date on full compatibility details on all these software. I use Meteobridge and it works. Even though the Ventus has ability to upload to custom server there are better choices. I would instead recommend the Ecowitt HP2551 and a GW1000 with a Meteobridge if you want the best experience. A bit pricer and nicer solution but just wanted to mention this so you could decide if it fits your budget. If you want to look at the differences I recommend taking a look at this comparison link. Keep in mind that the WS-2902A = W830 and WS-2000 = HP2551

    Also the reason for the GW1000 is because it is the only console with a new direct API that is better than the feature of sending to custom server. For now only the Meteobridge supports this API but it will soon be available to other software. Ecowitt will ship worldwide. Realize it is all the same stuff Ventus, Ambient, Ecowitt...all are made by Fine Offset. I feel you just get better options with Ecowitt.

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    @galfert I had no idea it was all the same stuff! The more you know! I shall definitely look into it.

    Thanks for such a detailed response.

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