More useful tools for weather geeks. The list of Windy plugins

  • Windy Plugins, a great way to extend the functionality of Windy (if you're not familiar with Windy, it's an extraordinary tool for weather forecast visualization that is 100% free).

    To load a plugin, simply insert its short name to (or access it via Install Windy plugin menu item)

    This page will be updated with new plugins regularly. Developer? You can code your own plugin too!


    Short name: airspaces (plugin's page) coded by @rittels

    photo:; desc: Airspaces plugin by @rittels;

    The first ever Windy plugin! The name says it all. Airspaces plugin adds airspaces, the portions of the atmosphere controlled by a country above its territory, to any map on Windy. It extends the picker with airspace's info.

    Density Altitude

    Short name: da (plugin's page) coded by @rittels

    photo:; desc: Density Altitude plugin by @rittels

    Extends the picker with density altitude data. The density altitude is the air density given as a height above mean sea level. The density altitude can also be considered to be the pressure altitude adjusted for a non-standard temperature.

    Flight Planner

    Short name: fp (plugin's page) coded by @rittels

    photo:; desc: Flight Planner plugin developed by @rittels

    Weather forecast, flight planning and airspaces at once. A great extension for pilots. To get started, read this short tutorial on how to use Flight Planner.

    iWaethar Stations (South African Weather Stations)

    Short name: iw (plugin's page) coded by @rittels

    photo:; desc: iWaethar Stations plugin developed by @rittels

    It's great feature to have observed weather data and the forecast at your fingertips, just as you have it on Windy. On other hand, it's not trivial to set up a weather station properly and wrong setup can easily kill the reliability of the reported data.

    iWeathar Stations plugin solves this problem for South Africa, providing data from

    Once you'll load this plugin, you can access iWeathar weather stations via context menu (right click on a map). Click on the station to open its details in the left pane.

    SA Weather Service Warnings

    Short name: saws-warnings (plugin's page) coded by @rittels

    photo:; desc: iWaethar Warnings plugin developed by @rittels

    Similarly as the iWeathar Stations, another plugin by @rittels, SA Weather Service Warnings plugin provides the data from, in this case the weather warnings.


    Short name: skewt (plugin's page) coded by @johnckealy

    photo:; desc: SkewT plugin by @johnckealy

    Although Windy has its own Sounding diagram built in, you may prefer a Skew-T style diagram. Then you'll love the SkewT plugin by John Kealy. Great for thunderstorms forecasting.

    Sun position

    Short name: sun-position (plugin's page) coded by @jacobjo

    photo:; desc: Sundial, sunrise and sunset times by @jacobjo

    Sun position plugin adds sundial to Windy's picker. Moreover, if you'll activate the Sun Position layer, you'll get details about sunset and sunrise times. Read more...


    Short name: traj (plugin's page) coded by @rittels

    photo:; desc: Trajectory plugin by @rittels

    For hot air ballooners and aviation geeks, air trajectories are the tool of choice. Trajectories show the air movement for the selected altitude level. Now available on Windy.

    WaterWatch (USA river flows)

    Short name: waterwatch (plugin's page) coded by @rittels

    photo:; desc: WaterWatch, a streamflow plugin developed by @rittels

    Watch the rivers flow. WaterWatch plugin extends any Windy layer with real-time streamflow compared to historical streamflow for the day of the year (United States). Data by USGS, see legend below.

    photo:USGS;desc: Streamflow datapoints legend

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  • HI, installed a few of the great plugins, but am unable to find them in windy,.How can I use them ?

  • @Katrin1410 It's mostly a) via right click menu or b) "More layers" at right bottom of the screen

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