• Re: Range ring(s) overlay

    I'd love to see a tool that allows the user to pick a point (default to current location) and overlay rings at specified distances.

    Use case: playing outdoor sports the league has a policy that lightning within 6 miles requires everyone to clear the fields for 30 minutes. I want to be able to watch storms as they near that location, and have a 6 mile ring that lets me guess if the storms are going to come close enough to be a problem or not.

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    It's not exactly what you are asking for but you could use the 'Distance and Planning' tool in the menu to measure a 6 mile radius towards any storm activity.

  • Moderator

    So, you have to keep an eye on Windy all the time and you miss a goal.
    Have you ever used a portable lightning detector?
    e.g. https://wxobservation.com/personal-lightning-detectors/

  • This is a GREAT idea!

  • @Gkikas-LGPZ Ha! :) No, this would not be for use during games. There is already a lightning detector at the fields. This is in the tense hours leading up to evening games, as storms are rolling in off the mountains, and I'm trying to predict if I'll get to play that night or should be making other plans. :)

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    I would also like to see "range rings" added as an overlay option.

    With a settings feature which would nominate the number of rings and user nominated radial distances. And also include an option to display the user nominated set-up at a number of selected locations.

    I have an interest in knowing when storm systems are nearing (or are forecast to penetrate) set distances from a number of locations of interest. This covers thunderstorms and regions of stronger winds assoc with tropical storms/cyclones.


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