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    Hi guys,
    just a small feedback/NFR here, please correct me if I am wrong, but I just cant find a wind profile graphic (wind speed across all altitudes over time). Check out the windguru.com wind profile ... this is exactly what I am looking for:

    As far as I can see, this information is more or less covered in your Airgram ... but the traditional windmarkings are kinda inconvenient to read when compared with colors from the above windguru chart.

    Let me elaborate on why is this important for me and why I use windguru over windy. I am a paraglider / powered paraglider pilot. Especially for PPG, the windspeed is the major factor in my decision whether or not I will go flying. For PPG, I dont care about teperature, pressure, clouds or other. If the weather is generally good (no rain), and the wind is calm across all altitudes, this is a clear GO sign. My preset on windguru shows the wind profile on the top of the meteogram ... and this setup gives me all required information in just a second within a click on a bookmark button in my browser:
    Plus, it shows the SST (BTW, based on my feedback to WGR), which indicates the best time for a PPG launch (SST - 2hrs).
    So one click and one look quickly shows whether it is a GO or a NO GO. For sure I can find all that info in windy, but not in one click. And then, if it is a GO, I will elaborate for detailed stuff (wind direction to pick a spot for launch, METAR for a cloud base, NOTAMS, airspaces, etc.) Windy has this cool animated map view, but I need more clicks and searching to get the fundamental PPG info.

    So what I am missing here is:
    a color wind profile chart for any location
    custom startup page where I could see selected charts for a particular spot

    Thanks for this fantastic site, so much progress to see over a short period of time!
    Best reagrds,
    AleŇ° / Czech Rep.

  • Sailor Moderator

    It seems to me that you can save your favorite page of Windy as a bookmark in your browser. It opens the page with the location, layer and diagram you want. Only possible on website.
    In Airgram colors are used for temperatures at each levels which is useful too.

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