Lock the value while scrolling!!!!

  • Minor style points, but would it be possible to lock the far left value when veiwing the detailed weather for a location? For example, when I'm veiwing a metogram, and I scroll over a day or two, the value of what height the clouds are disappears. Similar to excel, it should be simple to lock the far left cells as you scroll to continue to see what the rows mean. Thanks!
    word counter VidMate

  • Alright, so there is a website page with a considerable rundown. In the rundown, I'd prefer to bolt the looking over and later empower it once more. How might this be conceivable, with the goal that it would carry on pleasantly in present-day versatile programs?

    One arrangement I attempted is to set body position style to fixed and the set-top style to the scrollTop esteem before the setting position to fixed. There is this thing about the position: fixed - when it is set, the page will be bounced to the top. The issue is that on iOS Safari the page is kind of blazes when you empower/impair parchment, and it likewise gets truly laggy conduct on Android Chrome.

    Any better clues?

    Update: I have a sidebar menu with a rundown of things, and keeping in mind that the fundamental page ought to be bolted, the sidebar menu ought to stay scrollable.

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