Radar forecast as Meteoradar / Ventusky

  • Hi,
    is there any reason why Radar has no forecast? I need to use Meteoradar / Ventusky in parallel for short term rain prediction.
    Or is it possible to use Rain prediction or Rain summary layers instead? It doesn't work for me. Maybe I am using it by wrong method.
    Thanks for help

  • Is it possible to show 1 hour future as all other products?

  • Sailor

    Let's hope Windy will never make such an illusion. I observed several days since your message how this type of radar map works. It is obvious that the last radar image is moved in the direction of the wind with some small additional and random variations. For me, it's just a graphical simulation.
     BTW a weather radar is an observation device, not a forecasting one.
    Then they show radar reflectivity charts in the middle of the Atlantic and the Pacific ! It is simply a dBZ simulation of the global ICON rain forecast (13 km resolution with a 3 h rain forecast divided by 3!). Have you seen this type of construction floating in the ocean ?


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