How to record hypnotizing Windy animation

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    For those who like to share a specific Windy layer, interval or location-related forecast, who like to archive a visual of particular phenomena, or those who want to use our animation on social media, we created a wonderful tool. Videos.

    You will find it easily in the hamburger menu (upper left corner) on your desktop or via URL.

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    Make sure that you use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge, and the latest version in all cases. We recommend Chrome to get the best result.

    Clap! Now just explore the colorful wonderland…

    Despite the vast possibilities (HD resolution, mp4 format, ...) the video animator is a very intuitive and user friendly tool which guides you from the very beginning towards your hypnotizing movie. Though it might be useful for you to check the basic rules & usage.

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