• Recently we had an article about the perfect Monsoon, now here’s a one about the perfect shot. Don’t worry, it’s weather related.

    I am sure you won’t disagree, if I'll tell you the picture of lenticular cloud over erupting Etna — you can see below — is the perfect shot.

    photo: Dario Giannobile;desc: Earthshine Moon and Lenticular Cloud Over Mount Etna Eruption

    If not the best shot of Mt. Etna you've ever seen, then it's at least one of the best, right?

    The picture was shot on 27 July 2019 as a single shot (Canon 6D, Canon 70-20mm, 4 sec, ISO 3200, f2.8) by Dario Giannobile from Palermo, Italy, who gives you more details on how did it “happened” (there’s also a 13 shots blend photo below the story).

    Here’s the story (formatting is mine)

    I was preparing to photograph the Moon that stood near the star Aldebaran. I had decided to go near the small town of Bronte, to the western side of the volcano Etna (Unesco Site), and wait for dawn.

    On the same day, however, Etna awoke and two cracks in the south-east crater began intense volcanic activity with the formation of two lava flows and sporadic pyroclastic material jets.

    The phenomenon could be observed from the south-south west slopes but despite having the possibility of going to the site, I decided to respect the initial plan.

    To my enormous surprise, I could see that some lenticular clouds aligned perfectly on the mountain top from the point of shooting I had initially chosen.

    The show was incredible!!!!....especially when the Moon rose.

    The most beautiful moment occurred when it passed behind the cloud allowing me to capture various celestial and terrestrial details

    The Moon in cinereal light whose brightness was partially shielded, the same lenticular cloud, iridescences spread over the edge of the cloud, contrasts of shadows and lights in the sky with the cloud that partially blocked the Moon rays leaving the stars in the dark sky visible and finally…. the eruption with the fountains and the lava flow.

    Star Trail and Lenticular Cloud Over Mount Etna Eruption

    photo: Dario Giannobile;desc: Earthshine Moon and Lenticular Cloud Over Mount Etna Eruption

    Blend 13 shots, Canon 6D, Canon 70-20mm, 8 sec, ISO 3200, f2.8

    Don’t miss other photos from Dario, you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@dariogiannobile) or visit his website.

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  • Muito bonito. Parabéns

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