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    Large areas of the UK currently have weather warnings for flooding.. Flooding is a temporary overflow of water onto land that is normally dry.


    1. Do not walk, swim, cycle or drive through flood waters

    Turn around and go the other direction. It takes less than 15cm of moving water to sweep a vehicle away.photo: Giphy

    2. Turn off all gas, water and electricity

    If you are at home or in the office and have time to do this.

    3. Prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents

    If the flood is rising slowly put all these things in a bag and take them upstairs, if you have time you can also move other valuable keepsakes.

    4. Move to higher ground or a higher floor

    Do not climb into a closed attic or loft. You may become trapped by rising floodwater. Go on the roof only if necessary. Once there, signal for help by shouting, flashing a torch or phone light and screen or waving, not like this guy but I couldn't find someone waving a light...

    photo: Liverpool Echo

    5. If told to evacuate, do so immediately

    Bring any medications and pets but do not go back in for things like photo albums or other keepsakes.

    6. Never drive or walk around barricades

    These are there for your own safety and even though it may look dry the land underneath may be very unstable.

    7. Stay off of bridges over fast-moving water

    This is because the ground becomes unstable around bridges and causes movement like what happened at Grinton, Yorkshire, where this bridge collapsed after parts of the region had up to 82.2mm of rain in 24 hours on Tuesday.

    photo: PA Media

    8. If your vehicle is trapped in rapidly moving water, then stay inside

    If water is rising inside the vehicle, then seek refuge on the roof, by climbing out of the windows or doors if they can be opened.

    9. Be aware of the risk of electrocution

    Do not touch electrical equipment if it is wet or if you are standing in water. Underground or downed power lines can also electrically charge the water so be wary.

    10. Do not take selfies during a flood

    Focusing on your face rather than what is going on around you can be a dangerous thing, focus on the above and you'll have more time to upload to your social media after. The last thing you want is to slip and break something, or worse.

    Stay safe out there!

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