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    at my present location, when I click on my iPhone in the Windy app on the Home icon (i.e., the one with the nice little house), then the location shown in the search bar is something like "Neustadt, Rott". The later part ("Rott") is unfortunately incorrect and I would like try to fix the according master data in OpenStreetMap (at least I assume that this is the place where to fix it).

    I know (?) that the first part "Neustadt" is the suburb information of the nominatim lookup in OpenStreetMap at the respective coordinates, but I have no clue where the later part "Rott" is supposed to come from. Please let me know how the lookup "behind the scenes" is done for this information.

    Thanks a lot for this great product!

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    @brauneis Hi, we use OSM data, but we generate our labels/tiles/search indexes/... from time to time. It can be some already fixed bug in OSM.

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    I can confirm that the correct place name is now displayed, your help is greatly appreciated.

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