User Manual available?

  • Good afternoon,
    What a POWERFUL weather app, it's my #1 app to go to as I previously stated ;)
    Is there by chance a User Manual available for download to this app.
    I would like to understand what some of the icons are, and how to better understand the results shown, for example Ozone, Radar dB, NO2 ...

    Keep up the outstanding work you do on this app - extremely happy / satisfied I came across it.

    Tomas Petrik
    Lancaster, CA USA

  • | Premium

    @petriktl Dit you find a manual? I also like the app and website a lot but I think much information is lost because there is no simple explanation. I do not understand why they didn't provide that. Especially the meteogram is hard to decypher.

  • Some info on meteograms are available here.
    Answers to some user questions are here.

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