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  • Good evening.
    I write because I would like to suggest adding a new map. In practice, I believe that users who are little "experts" might appreciate the possibility of having a simple map without colors (so without any temperature layer, etc.) and only with isothermal lines, isobars, isoallocores, etc. . The bottom of the map should be white and it should represent only the borders of nations.
    In conclusion, I would like to suggest a simple synoptic map, from which it is possible to identify the hot and cold fronts and the typical figures of the ground baric field (cyclones, anticyclones, saddles, etc.). The map could have some options such us type of represented line (isothermal lines, isobars, isoallocores, etc.).
    Thanks to anyone who will respond and to anyone who will consider my proposal :-)

  • Sailor Moderator

    In fact you would like a map like that:


    I can give you the web link to get it :)

    As an expert, you will understand that Windy cannot display cold or hot fronts:

    BTW could you explain what is isoallocores?

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