• Every time I open the app, I'm presented with certain data that I don't need or care about, and it's a minimum of 4 clicks to get the data I do want to display. All your UXers will tell you how that affects cognitive load (and especially when you're in a rush, it's just irritating that the app can't remember that I'm looking for XYZ every single time, and never ABC). Is there a way to set my viewing preferences so I'm not presented with the stuff I don't care about, and can more quickly see the stuff I do care about?

    This, for reference, is what I'm presented with. The whole bottom half of the screen is redundant. (It's exactly what's displayed on the widget that I clicked on to get to the main app.) And, while I realize the name of the app is "windy," frankly I don't care about wind as much as other climate data. I'd rather have to take the extra clicks to see wind data, and have more useful information presented first. (You have lots of weather data, after all, it's not just a wind app.)


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