• I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, a place recently affected by a volcanic eruption. The eruption stopped about a year ago and during it I was tracking the SO2 amounts on my Windy app. I’ve been checking it recently and the levels are still showing it at being very high. There are multiple tests being done in Hawaii however and all of those are showing that there is no SO2 has being detected... Is it possible the Windy meters are not correct? I read that Windy gets its info from NASA satellites and are updated every 12 hours but since it is showing levels that aren’t matching up with the local tests I’m curious if it’s correct. Any information would be great thank you!

  • Sailor Moderator

    Yes there no unhealthy level of SO2 in Hawaï right now:

    Which means that the SO2 concentration is below 0.10 ppm (part per million)


    0.1 ppm is close to 300μg/m3


    At 9:00 UTC Windy showed less than 100μg/m3, so this level was unhealthy.


    But at 12:00UTC, the figure raised to 400μg/m3
    (With modified colors)


    Quite strange

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